Got a bunch of spare Schematics or Heros? Retire them to the Collection for tons of rewards!

Fortnite Guide To Understanding The Collection Book

Got a bunch of spare Schematics or Heros? Retire them to the Collection for tons of rewards!

A spectacular mash-up of resource gathering, base-building, and third-person shooting, Fortnite is filled to the brim with a staggering number of elements to manage: Heroes, Survivors, Schematics, Expeditions, Skills, Research, Gadgets, and an odd option called the Collection.

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Not available straight from the beginning of the game, the Collection book has some players scratching their heads about its functionality and why it’s worth playing around with at all.

Below we cover everything you need to know to access the Collection — and how to earn some nifty rewards along the way.

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 Fortnite Collection Book

Accessing The Fortnite Collection Book

Before you can even pull up the Collection book screen, you need to have earned at least 10 skill points (if you go straight for the Recycling And Collection Book skill and don’t take any detours).

This starting skill is available in the Tier 1 Skill Tree in the horizontal blue segment, just after the first Tech upgrade. You can’t automatically put anything in the Collection straight away, though, even after picking up that first skill to unlock the book.

More Collection retiring skills are required to let you recycle better cards of any given type. For instance, the Recycling And Retirement II skill lets you retire up to rare quality Schematics, Survivors, Defenders, and Heroes.

This one is also in Tier 1 and is found just to the right of the Unlock Survivor Squad: Scouting Party entry. To get here (without any detours) will require a minimum of 15 Skill Points.

 Unlocking Recycling And Retirement II

Using The Fortnite Collection Book

Now that you’ve got the Collection book unlocked, what exactly does it do? It’s basically a scrap book of cards you’ve found through loot chests and reward llamas… but you have to give up those cards to add them to a book page.

That’s right — retiring an item to the Collection is permanent. You actually lose that card from you armory entirely and can no longer use that Hero, Schematic, Survivor, etc. If you give up a Trap, you won’t be able to build that Trap in a quest or on your Storm Shield base.

It’s usually a good idea to wait until you get a second instance of any particular card through a loot llama, but if you find you never use a particular Hero or Trap, then go ahead and retire it to the Collection because there are significant rewards for filling up pages of the book.

Retiring Heroes (over any other type of card) levels up your Collection the fastest, but more rare cards of any type will offer faster leveling than less rare cards, as does retiring cards that are higher level.

In fact, you may notice that if you click Inspect Collection Item, the Level Up and View Evolution commands remain in place for retired cards just like with any other card. You can continue to level up cards after you retire them, and this does give you a boost to your Collection experience.

 Getting rewards for leveling the Collection

Collection Book Rewards

Every time the Collection book hits a new level, you receive rewards just like you had completed a quest. Leveling up the Collection frequently gives rare materials you need for evolving cards, like Drops of Rain, Lightning in a Bottle, or Training Manuals. You can also earn Skill Points, which makes leveling the Collection a very lucrative option.

Unlike the randomized loot chests and reward llamas, the Collection book level rewards appear to be the same for everyone at each level (although since the game is in Early Access, these may change over time). The current reward load out is as follows:

Level Reward
Level 2 500 Hero Experience
Level 3 Random Green Schematic
Level 4 500 Survivor Experience
Level 5 6 Drops of Rain
Level 6 500 Vbucks
Level 7 7 Drops of Rain
Level 8  Green Constructor and Survivor
 Level 9   1 Skill Point
 Level 10 500 Schematic Experience
Level 11 8 Drops of Rain
Level 12 Choice of Green Melee or Green Shotgun
Level 13 Gold Llama 
Level 14 1000 Hero Experience
Level 15 3 Training Manuals
Level 16 Blue Ranged Weapon
Level 17  9 Drops of Rain
Level 18  2 Skill Points
Level 19  1000 Survivor Experience
Level 20 10 Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle
Level 21 Experience Candy Pack
Level 22  3 Training Manuals
Level 23  Blue Ninja or Outlander
Level 24  Green and Blue Survivors
Level 25  Purple Survivor
Level 26  500 Vbucks
Level 27  10 Drops of Rain
Level 28  Blue Trap
Level 29  5 Lightning in a Bottle
Level 30  1000 Schem Experience
Level 31  Trap Pack
Level 32  Blue Survivors
Level 33  2 Skill Points
Level 34  12  Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle
Level 35  1200 Hero Experience
Level 36  8 Training Manuals
Level 37  1200 Survivor Experience
Level 38  Blue Hero and Survivors
Level 39  1200 Schematic Experience
Level 40  Blue Survivor
Level 41  Weapon Pack
Level 42  3 Eyes
Level 43  8 Training Manuals
Level 44  1500 Hero Experience
Level 45  Purple Survivor
Level 46  2 Skill Points
Level 47  14 Drops Of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle, 1 Eyes
Level 48  1500 Hero Experience
Level 49  Purple and Blue Survivors
Level 50  1500 Schematic Experience
Level 51  Choice of Blue Hero
Level 52  5 Lightning in a Bottle, 2 Eyes
Level 53  4 of each Training Manual
Level 54  Trap Pack
Level 55  2000 Hero Experience
Level 56  2 Skill Points
Level 57  Random Blue Weapon
Level 58  2000 Survivor Experience
Level 59  2000 Schematic Experience
Level 60  5 Lightning in a Bottle, 1 Eyes
Level 61  Trap Pack
Level 62  Green Schematic, 2 Green Traps
Level 63  4 Training Manuals
Level 64  Experience Candy Pack
Level 65  Purple and Blue Survivors
Level 66  3 Skill Points
Level 67  16 Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle, 2 Eyes
Level 68  2000 Hero Experience
Level 69  3 Skill Points
Level 70  18 Drops Of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle, 3 Eyes
Level 71  Legendary Weapon NPack
Level 72  2000 Survivor Experience
Level 73  Purple and Blue Survivors
Level 74  10 Training Manuals
Level 75  20 Drops of Rain, 10 Lightning in a Bottle, 4 Eyes
Level 76  2000 Schematic Experience
Level 77  3 Skill Points
Level 78  3000 Hero Experience
Level 79  Purple and Green Survivors
Level 80  3000 Survivor Experience
Level 81  Epic Trap Pack
Level 82  2 Purple Survivors, 1 Purple Hero
Level 83  10 Lightning in a Bottle, 4 Eyes
Level 84  3 Skill Points
Level 85  3000 Schematic Experience
Level 86  1 Purple Survivor, 2 Blue Survivors
Level 87  Choice of Purple Hero
Level 88  22 Drops of Rain, 10 Lightning in a Bottle, 5 Eyes
Level 89  3000 Hero Experience
Level 90  3000 Survivor Experience
Level 91  500 Vbucks
Level 92  3000 Schematic Experience
Level 93  Rare Schematic
Level 94  4 of each Manual
Level 95  Experience Candy Pack
Level 96  Green Defender
Level 97  Purple and Blue Survivors
Level 98  3 Skill Points
Level 99  4000 Hero Experience
Level 100  Random Epic Schematic

What’s the highest level and rarity of card you’ve had the courage to retire yet, and did you get any different rewards for leveling the Collection book? Let us know in the comments section below!

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