Fortnite's 4.4 patch notes include a host of changes to the game like new areas, guns, skins, and trap mechanics.

Fortnite Patch 4.4 – Where to find the Soccer Stadium & Patch Notes

Fortnite's 4.4 patch notes include a host of changes to the game like new areas, guns, skins, and trap mechanics.

Apparently trying to grab headlines away from all those killer E3 announcements, we received a very unexpected and very large update to Battle Royale king Fortnite this morning.

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Besides arriving earlier than normal, Week 7 of Season 4 shows off some major changes to the game, from a whole new area to a thermal scoped gun and sadly the disappearance of a cool item everyone loved.

Where To Find The New Fortnite Soccer Stadium

To land at the newly added soccer stadium in Fortnite, jump off the battle bus east of Junk Junction and north of Pleasant Park near the D2 square of the map. The stadium is clearly visible from the air just to the east of a hillside and it dominates the landscape, so you shouldn’t be able to miss it while landing.

This area is absolutely massive, including indoor tight hallways for shotgun shootouts, wide open field to snipe, and shrubs and vehicles to use for cover, with plenty of random floor loot drops found all around the location.

The abundance of items and freshness of the location make this sort of the new Tilted Towers where everyone wants to land, so be ready for a firefight when you touch down. Your game here will either be very short, or you are in for a Victory Royale if you can take out all the wounded players who landed there first.

To go along with the new soccer stadium, no less than eight new Fortnite soccer skins are coming soon (four male and four female), which will create quite the hodgepodge of super villains and sport fans as Fortnite celebrate the World Cup in typically bizarre fashion.

 Coming in for a landing at the new soccer stadium (thanks to TheRafi for the screenshot)

Fortnite Patch 4.4 Notes

First and foremost, the awesome shopping cart vehicles have been temporarily disabled as they’ve been bugging out in odd ways. We’ve seen the same thing happen before with other new additions to the game like the guided rocket, so hopefully they won’t be gone long. We’ll update this article when an announcement is made about their return.

Next up, the thermal scope assault rifle has been added to the loot rotation, which is comes in Epic and Legendary variants and is going to change the balance of power in the game.

As you’d expect, it lets you see heat signatures of enemies hiding behind bushes or walls, and can even be used to see hidden loot chests, so keep it on hand to find lots of equipment! Expect tweaks to this weapon’s damage and rarity to show up — or for it to be removed entirely — as it makes it very easy for a competent player to entirely dominate the match and take out any hidden enemies.

Some big changes have also come to the meteor landing site at Dusty Divot, so be sure to head over and check it out! It seems like something big is brewing there that will further alter the map in the ramp up towards Season 5.

Finally, we’ve got an entirely new area to explore with new loot drops and lots of opportunities for mayhem: a soccer stadium sprang up over night in the Battle Royale map!

 Overpowered? You bet it is!

Is the soccer stadium your new favorite place to land? Let us know your strategy for winning at this new location!

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