Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 Camera Locations Guide

Bust out that dance emote and shake your thing for the cameras in this Fortnite's Season 4, Week 2 challenge!

Bust out that dance emote and shake your thing for the cameras in this Fortnite's Season 4, Week 2 challenge!

Season 4, Week 2 of Fortnite rolls out with the epic, limited-time Thanos Mode event that allows one lucky player to take on the role of the cosmic villain himself! For the rest of us Battle Pass plebs who aren’t busy searching for that gauntlet’s landing location, there are, of course, plenty of new challenges for Week 2.

One of them tasks you with finding a few locations around the map — and when you get there, dance in front of the camera(s) you find there. You’ll need to do this seven times to wrap everything up. 

As always, some are easy to find while others are not. Let’s take a look.

Where To Find All The Camera Locations

Every location discovered so far can be seen in the map below or found by landing at these locations:

  • Junk Junction: In the film studio to the east 
  • Moisty Mire: One near the helicopter and one by the boxed-in set
  • Snobby Shores: Right by the dinosaur footprint to the south 
  • Tilted Towers: The indoor Soccer field to the west
  • Haunted Hills: Inside the big building 
  • Risky Reels: Inside a green-screen room 
  • West of Shifty Shafts
  • The Western edge of the racetrack
  • North of Moisty Mire at the broken bridge

 Fortnite Camera Locations Map

This is just one of the new challenges for Season 4, Week 2! Here’s the full list of new Battle Pass challenges now available:

  • Search Chests in Greasy Grove (7)
  • Consume Hop Rocks (7)
  • Deal damage with Suppressed Weapons to opponents (500)
  • Dance in front of different film cameras (7)
  • Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen (Hard)
  • Explosive Weapon Eliminations (3) (Hard)
  • Eliminate opponents in Tomato Town (3) (Hard)

 Dancing in front of the film studio camera
(thanks to Starlord for the screenshot)

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