Can't decide which element team to create? Use this handy guide to build the best team compositions in Genshin Impact for all elements.

Genshin Impact Best Team Compositions Tier List

Can't decide which element team to create? Use this handy guide to build the best team compositions in Genshin Impact for all elements.
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When creating a team in Genshin Impact, players can use four different characters. The main hero should always be the DPS character, and the rest should support and heal them. This guide will provide you with the best team compositions according to the five Genshin Impact elements: pyro, electro, cryo, hydro, and geo.

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When creating a team, always consider characters of the same elements, as this is good for generating energy and creating energy resonance. This will increase your damage output and make your team well equipped for all the upcoming battles.

Best Pyro Team Composition

The Pyro element is defined by its high power level. Choose it if you want to go unmatched in the final Abyss floor.

For a good pyro team, you actually need two main pyro DPS characters: Diluc and Xiangling.

  • Diluc is the strongest pyro DPS character in Genshin Impact due to his Tempered Sword attack and Searing Onslaught skill.
  • Xiangling can be both your second main DPS and a supporter. Her Dough-Fu spear attack is highly efficient.

For support characters, then there is no better choice than Fischl for this team composition. Fischl is the best 4-star supporter in Genshin Impact, and can basically fit any elemental team comp but is great for this one.

If you can get Jean as your healer, that would make this composition even more powerful, as she has a strong anemo element, which is perfect for the Abyss.

Best Electro Team Composition

There are two possible characters for the main electro DPS role: Keqing and Razor.

  • Keqing is the better choice since she is a 5-star character. She has an incredibly powerful plunging attack, and her Lightning Stiletto skill is super flexible and can generate a lot of electro damage.
  • Razor is a 4-star hero but is the best second choice.

As for supporters, you can include Xiangling and Fischl, which is also an electro character, which is good for electro resonance of your team.

The best healer for an electro team would be Qiqi, since her cryo abilities will serve you especially well in the Abyss.

Best Cryo Team Composition

You should only really consider creating cryo team only if you have Chongyun as your main DPS character. Both of his Spirit Blade abilities, Chonghua’s Layered Frost and Cloud-parting Star, are immensely powerful,.

The best supporter for a cryo element team in Genshin Impact would be Kaeya, who can create multiple reactions and double up your overall damage. Of course, he should be accompanied by Xiangling for guaranteed high-damage output.

As for healers, you can go either with Qiqi for elemental synergies or Jean for solid anemo support.

Best Hydro Team Composition

Every hydro team should be built around Mona and her Phantom ability, which does the following:

  • Taunts all nearby enemies and thus attracts their aggression.
  • Deals hydro damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Creates a hydro AoE when the Phantom explodes.

That’s a pretty impressive list of abilities, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of what Mona can actually do.

If you’re looking to produce multiple hydro reactions, the best supporter would be Xingqui. The second supporter should be Fischl due to her Vaporize procs.

When you need to heal, there is no better choice than Barbara, which will serve you well on the 10th floor of the Abyss.

Best Geo Team Composition

Energy generation is the strongest asset of the geo team. Of course, for it to work as intended, it is important to include at least two geo characters, the best of which are Ningguang and Traveler.

  • Ningguang has very high base damage and generates lots of geo resonance with another geo character.
  • Traveler is a geo character that gives his team 10% critical hit bonus and serves as an excellent partner for Ningguang.

The best supporter for geo team is Venti, who can significantly increase your entire team’s DPS.

Fischl is another great choice for a support character, and Jean would be a fine healer.

These are the best team compositions in Genshin Impact for pyro, electro, cryo, hydro, and geo. elements. If this guide was helpful, consider checking out our other Genshin Impact tips articles, which include lists on best weapons and best characters, as well as a full guide on elemental combos!

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