Genshin Impact Guide: Best Weapons Tier List

Equip your characters with the best possible weapons using this tier list guide to Genshin Impact.

Weapons play one of the most important parts in the power of your individual characters and teams in Genshin Impact. Each weapon has its own special abilities, and of course can only be used with characters who wield that type of weapon. This guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in Genshin Impact according to their stats.

Obviously, the best weapons are the ones that give your characters lots of damage power, but others can be just as important for such roles like supporters and healers.

S-Tier Weapons

Aquila Favonia

  • Type: Sword
  • Base ATK: 48
  • Passive: Falcon's Defiance

This magnificent sword is imbued with the soul of the Falcon of the West, which means that it heals you while dealing damage to all surrounding enemies.

The physical damage bonus scales up to 320% and the HP regenerating equals up to 160% of your damage, which occurs every 15 seconds.

This would be a perfect choice for any DPS or support character that wants to heal during combat.

Skyward Spine

  • Type: Polearm
  • Base ATK: 48
  • Passive: Black Wing

If you want to have a higher critical hit chance and speed, then this close combat pole weapon is a must have.

Skyward Spine has an increased critical hit rate by 8% and 12% bonus on attack speed. It also has a 50% chance to transform into a Vacuum Blade during normal or charged attacks, which works like an AoE.

This is definitely one of the most unique weapons in Genshin Impact and will fit in the hands of any polearm DPS character.

Wolf's Gravestone

  • Type: Claymore
  • Base ATK: 46
  • Passive: Wolfish Tracker

By default Wolf's Gravestone increases your base attack up to 40%, which is already a sign of a very strong weapon.

If you hit enemies that have HP below 30%, then this weapon increases base attack of all your allies by 80%. This bonus can be really crucial in key battles.

Give this weapon to a Claymore-wielding Pyro DPS and watch your enemies squirm.

A-Tier Weapons

Amos' Bow

  • Type: Bow
  • Base ATK: 46
  • Passive: Strong-Willed

Ranged players will love this bow due to its stackable damage ability.

First, you gain a bonus on all your aimed shots of up to 24% base attack, which is very strong.

Second, each arrow hitting the target in the air has up to 16% increase in damage, which can be stacked five fold. That equals to 80% total max damage increase.

Skyward Atlas

  • Type: Catalyst
  • Base ATK: 45
  • Passive: Wandering Clouds

Catalysts are unusually strong weapons in the right hands. The Skyward Atlas is the best example of such elemental weapon.

It increases all elemental damage regardless of the type by 24% and has a unique ability called the Favor of the Clouds.

It means that your weapon has a 50% chance to actively seek out enemies around and deal up to 320% base attack damage during normal attacks.

That is a very convincing way to show your enemies who's the boss on the battlefield.

Skyward Harp

  • Type: Bow
  • Base ATK: 45
  • Passive: Echoing Ballad

A bow with a critical hit bonus and an AoE attack is a very dangerous ranged weapon.

Skyward Harp increases your critical hit damage by 40% and has a 100% chance to deal an aerial attack that equals 100% physical attack damage.

You don't want to be around when this harp hits all the right notes.

B-Tier Weapons

Prototype Rancour

  • Type: Sword
  • Base ATK: 44
  • Passive: Smashed Stone

This is not a simple sword that increases your base attack damage, but a true friend for any supporter character due to its defensive traits.

Every time you deal a normal or charged attack Prototype Rancour will increase your defense stat by 12%.

This ability is stackable up to four times, which equals a maximum defense increase of 48%.

Royal Grimoire

  • Type: Catalyst
  • Base ATK: 44
  • Passive: Energy Blast

Only a few other catalysts in Genshin Impact are as exciting as Royal Grimoire.

On its own it does enough damage, but during a normal attack this weapon has a 50% chance to fire an Energy Blast - a powerful projectile that can deal up to 480% of your base attack damage.

No enemy will be able to withstand such a monstrous blow.

The Flute

  • Type: Sword
  • Base ATK: 42
  • Passive: Chord

The Flute is a perfect weapon for healers due to its ability to heal allies when dealing damage.

During normal or charged attacks it has a 100% chance to produce a harmonic. If you get five harmonics in a row, this will trigger the Power of Music, which is capable of dealing up to 200% damage and equally heal your allies.

If you play as a healer in your team, then look no further.

These are the best weapons in Genshin Impact, and if you are looking for best characters tier list, then check out this guide. For more Genshin Impact guides, please visit our hub page.


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Published Oct. 1st 2020

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