Ghostrunner 2: How to Farm Skill Points

Want all the abilities in Ghostrunner 2? Here's how to farm the skill points you need to unlock them.

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The right abilities can make all the difference in a fast-paced fight, especially when it’s 15 against one. And that’s almost always the case when exploring Dharma Tower. When you need to take the fight to your enemies, here’s how to farm skill points in Ghostrunner 2.

How to Get Skill Points in Ghostrunner 2

First things first: we should talk about how you get skill points in the first place. You earn them primarily by defeating enemies — and doing so in long combo strings. You likely won’t be hurting for them for much of the game, but the process can be slow if you don’t find an efficient way to collect them. That’s especially true if you want to get the best skills faster. And, of course, you do.

The Best Way to Farm Skill Points

The best way to farm skill points is to defeat tons of enemies in the longest possible combo. But even though the game is about 12 hours long, that’s still not enough to accrue the points necessary to unlock everything. However, I’ve found an easy way to rake in skill points that also lets you practice new abilities in a low-threat environment. Replay previously completed story missions.

Ok, it sounds easy, but it’s also easy to overlook. Replaying missions is one of the best parts of Ghostrunner 2. Not only can you use them to farm skill points, but you can also hunt for missing artifacts, swords, and memory chips. You can also test your more advanced skills and abilities against relatively weak opposition. I don’t need to tell you speed is paramount in this game, but you can challenge yourself to complete previously difficult challenges as fast as possible using this method.

For instance, my first run-through of the first level, Uninvited Guests, took almost 20 minutes. My gameplay was sloppy, I was unfamiliar with the mechanics, and I took just a little too long to hunt for collectibles. Going back after about 10 hours with the game changed everything. I could rush through level one in less than five minutes.

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How Speedrunning Factors Into Skill Point Farming

Speedrunning is an important part of the Ghostrunner 2 gameplay loop, not only within a level but across the game. You can easily make a couple thousand skill points doing just the first level once. Make sure you do the parkour challenges, too. While they only offer one-time rewards, you can get a quick 6,000 skill points if you reach the bronze, silver, and gold thresholds. It’s not much in the grand scheme, but it’s definitely a nice shot in the arm.

Prioritize levels you can do quickly. Any of the longer stages and boss levels don’t reward enough points and usually take just a bit too long to do efficiently. Sure, they’re fun enough, but bosses lose their luster after the first few fights, especially if they got on your nerves the first time. That said, going back to an early-game boss with an endgame build has its charm, if only for the revenge fantasy of it.

Those are our tips for farming skill points in Ghostrunner 2. That strategy isn’t the only reason to replay missions. Collectibles are another, like finding all the swords in Uninvited Guests or all the Shards in Pillars of Creation. Our Ghostrunner 2 guides hub has more.

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