Goat Simulator Patch 1.1: All 30 Golden Goat Trophy Locations Guide [Pictures]

A comprehensive guide to the new locations of all 30 golden goat trophies, the infamous collectibles in Goat Simulator Patch 1.1
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Goat Simulator has been taking Steam by storm ever since its release in March 2014. The pioneers of goat reality, Coffee Stain Studios, set the hysterical video game bar high with its rendition of life as a hell-bent, chaos-driven goat.

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Now with Patch 1.1, the goat festivities expand further with a whole new Goat City Bay map to explore and many more Baaaa-worthy secrets to uncover. Among these enigmas are 30 new goat trophies to collect for the achievement titled “I freaking love goats.”

For a complete list of the Goat Ville, Goat Simulator’s original map, trophies, GameSkinny has compiled a list here

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Goat City Bay Trophy Collectibles:

  • In the corner, under the bridge, on a ledge where the river meets the dam.

  • In the hotel casino lobby, in the middle of the circular ring.

  • Inside the first floor of the hotel in the corner on the green couch. 

  • In the pink house on the table by the “sugar” and money caches. 

  • On the catapult on the top of the hill on the left of where you spawn. 

  • On top of the roller coaster, on the ledge by where the cart stops. 

  • Behind the 3 trees with the goats standing in them, near the carnival. 

  • In the speed boat by the dock, on the right of the carnival near the water. 

  • On the deserted island the speedboat next to the hotel takes you to. 

  • In the white house (across from “sugar” house), in the back patio room.

Note: This one reappeared, leading to me getting it twice in order to collect it.

  • On top of the carnival ticket booth, in front of the parking lot. 

  • The front of the DURA sign connecting two buildings across from the hotel.

  • In the sewers (hole under the bridge) with the Michael Bay ninja turtles.

  • On the hotel roof, opposite side of Deadmau5, on the ceiling above the bar.

  • In the alleyway across from the hotel, under the trash by the bonfire party.

  • On the left patio of a green apartment, on the roof behind the DURA sign.

  • On the top of the spinning carnival ride. (Angel Goat + Double Jump helps)

  • On the rocks, below the roller coaster, by the river. 

  • On a path to the right of the parked blue car, next to the right car tunnel.

  • On top of the wooden parkour course in the forest next to the skate park.

  • On top of the water tower, on the roof of the “Miram Core” building.

  • On the roof of the building directly across from the carnival. 

  • On top of the building in the corner next to the river by the gas truck.

  • In the goat graveyard next to the gravestone by the big tree in the middle.

  • On the porch of the leftmost house near the hill leading to the graveyard.

Note: This one reappeared, leading to me getting it twice in order to collect it.

  • On the backside of the hotel, halfway up, on the ledge by the pool. 

  • Inside the shopfront window, by the UFO, across the street from the hotel. 

  • In the art gallery, between the carnival and skate park, on the trash can.

  • On the wooden dock, next to a bench, in front of the river. 

  • In the yellow bedroom of the white house behind the blue house on the hill. 

This list of 30 are all you’ll need to get the “I freaking love goats” achievement, as well completing the “Collect all the Trophies” quest. 

There has been a known issue, however, that some people are finding all 30, yet are still not receiving credit. This happened to me, as I was logging in and out sporadically before locating all the trophies. 

I received the Rocket-Skate Goat Modification, meaning I located all 30 trophies, and yet the achievement wasn’t being awarded. Sharing the frustrated feels of the many players on the forums, I realized that some of the trophies I had previously collected had reappeared after logging out of the game. 

For me, the trophy in the white house’s bedroom, and the trophy on the left patio of the house by the graveyard, decided to escape my goat pockets and return to their original locations after I had picked them up.

To fix this issue, simply retrace your steps until you’ve gone over each location to make sure your trophies were actually collected. 

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