Goat Simulator Patch 1.1: All 6 Battery Locations

A guide to all 6 battery locations for the "Is that a goat?" achievement.

If you're as excited as we are about Goat Simulator, you'll have spent the last day and a half exploring the brand new Goat City Bay map released in Patch 1.1.

For the complete list of Patch 1.1 and previous achievements, GameSkinny has a comprehensive list here. This list of battery locations if required for the achievement titled "Is that a goat?"

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1. Shadowed Roof Battery

The first battery I'll be showing you in on top of a shadowy roof on the opposite side of the hotel than the carnival. The battery is located in the corner behind a stack of boxes and barrels, shown in the picture above. 

If you're wondering how to get up to the roof, the easiest way is to locate the trampoline in the corner by the river and gasoline truck:

Bounce a few times on the trampoline to gain enough height and momentum, then fly forward using the w key to land nice and snug on the roof in a pile of distorted goat-like wonder. 

Lick the battery by pressing e and drag it to the side of the coaster to collect it.

2. Roller Coaster Battery

This is the easiest battery to locate, since it's right on the pier next to the coaster itself. Make sure you don't knock it off the dock!

Lick the battery by pressing e and drag it to the side of the coaster to collect it.

3. Hotel Roof Party Battery 

Enter the hotel (the largest building on the edge of the ocean) using the open door on the opposite side of the water and use the elevator to get up to the roof. You'll find a dance party featuring Deadmau5 performing his latest "Goatronica" hit after quitting EDM. 

Walk behind the stage to find the third battery on the edge of the building.

Lick the battery by pressing e and drag it to the side of the coaster to collect it.

4. Hotel Lobby Casino Battery

Go to back to the hotel, but instead of entering through the front, walk around to the back towards the water. Break the glass to enter the casino lobby, and the battery will be behind the counter next to a cowering cashier. 

Lick the battery by pressing e and drag it to the side of the coaster to collect it.

5. Red Shipping Container Battery

Across from the hotel, you'll find an alleyway between the Weathers Hat Shop (pictured left), and the yellow building with a bike in the window(pictured right), you'll see a red storage container. 

Walk up to the container and look inside to find the fifth battery.

Lick the battery by pressing e and drag it to the side of the coaster to collect it.

6. Water Tower Battery

Arguably the trickiest to acquire, the last battery you'll need is on the top of the Miram Core building pictured above. The battery is on the roof below a small water tower. 

To get on top of the roof, assuming you aren't using any previous goat modifications, you'll need to wall run up the smaller, adjacent building to use the mattress on the roof. 

To wall run, simply run at the wall using w+SHIFT and jump at the wall when close using SPACE. Your goat will run up the side of the wall onto the roof. The building you're looking for is a smaller garage next to the bike rack and large blue half pipe (the same garage containing the "A Story about my goat" achievement crystal). 

Once on top of the garage, jump on the mattress pictured above until you can launch yourself towards the roof with the water tower. It may take a few tries, but once you make it, the battery will be in the shadows under the water tower.

Lick the battery by pressing e and drag it to the side of the coaster to collect it.

Take Them to the Coaster

Once you have collected all 6 batteries and placed them in the empty power slots (below), you'll see "POWER UP" come across your screen. 

Wait for the roller coaster car to come down and open the doors, enter, then ride it up to the top to see the coaster-on-steroids flying around the track. 

Wait for the coaster to come as close to you as possible and press e to lick the car nearest your goat. 

If you successfully latch your tongue onto one of the cars, you'll be thrown across the track and into the water in a deranged heap of goat ridiculousness.

You should see the achievement in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. 

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Published Jun. 7th 2014
  • Sarajsh
    There must be more than six batteries because the first one I found was on a lounge chair on a beach near the road, and it wasn't on your list of six. I licked it and carried it around wondering what I was supposed to do with it. Then exited game and asked Google. Here I am. Thanks for your info. Btw, have you re-energized the dead alien, yet?
  • lol_1265
    I only found out 2 more but thnx
  • Tabitha_3620
    Thank you to whoever wrote this (I'm to lazy to find the name) this was a great help I never would have found them all without this. Also, FIRST!

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