Here's how to unlock Muspelheim and collect smoldering embers in God of War.

God of War: How to Get Smoldering Embers for Muspelheim Armor

Here's how to unlock Muspelheim and collect smoldering embers in God of War.

If you want Muspelheim Armor in God of War, you’ll need to find and collect Smoldering Embers. Since the armor set is one of the most efficient armors in the game, it’s worth seeking out these crafting items. Of course, these can only be found in Muspelheim.

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If you want to know how to get the necessary number of Smoldering Embers in Muspelheim, and eventually forge this armor, then follow our step-by-step God of War guide below.

Where to Find Smoldering Embers in God of War

Step 1: Unlock Muspelheim

Before you start collecting Smoldering Embers, you’ll need to unlock Muspelheim. To do so, you first need to collect four of seven possible Cipher pieces. These can be found in chests scattered all over the world. Here are their locations.

  1. Passage from Lake of Nine to Foothills.
  2. Cliffs of the Raven.
  3. Forgotten Caverns.
  4. Witch’s Cave.
  5. The Mountain Summit at Mystic Gateway.
  6. Alfheim.
  7. Muspelheim Tower.

When you collect at least four Ciphers, Atreus will be able to read them, and you will be granted the Muspelheim Travel Rune, which unlocks the realm of Muspelheim at Tyr’s Temple.

Step 2: Complete Muspelheim Trials for Smoldering Embers

When you enter the Realm of Fire (Muspelheim), you can complete challenges that mainly consist of combat trials of various difficulties. This is when you will start earning Smoldering Embers.

Some challenges are so difficult that you may not be able to finish them. But if you already have enough Smoldering Embers, you can go back to Brok’s Shop and forge the Muspelheim Armor.

Here is the list of rewards for each trial:

  1. +3 Smoldering Ember (SE) and +1938 Hacksilver
  2. +5 SE and +1828 Hacksilver
  3. +8 SE and +3786 Hacksilver
  4. +8 SE and +1648 Hacksilver
  5. +5 SE and +3550 Hacksilver
  6. +8 SE and +1951 Hacksilver
  7. +12 SE and +4082 Hacksilver
  8. +12 SE and +1634 Hacksilver
  9. +12 SE and +3949 Hacksilver
  10. +15 Smoldering Ember and +5000 Hacksilver
  11. +9 SE and +6887 Hacksilver
  12. +9 SE and +6279 Hacksilver
  13. +9 SE and +6500 Hacksilver
  14. +9 SE and +7622 Hacksilver
  15. +37 SE and +2000 Hacksilver
  16. +20 SE, +3 Crest of Flame
  17. +50 Smoldering Ember, +20 Crest of Flame, +12 Greater Crest of Flame and +5 Crest of Sutr

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