God Of War (2018) Jotnar Shrine Locations Guide

Jotnar shrines dot the landscape of God of War, telling the tales of epic giant warriors -- use this guide to find all 11 of them and unlock a The Truth trophy!

God of War has quite a few collectibles. However, if you're looking for more story-related content, the game's Jotnar shrines will tell you about the giant's that once inhabited the world in which Kratos now finds himself. 

With 11 locations spread around the map, God of War's Jotnar shrines aren't as hard to find as the game's Ravens, for example, but they are hidden away in sometimes hard-to-reach places. 

If you're having trouble finding them all, this guide will show how to find all 11 shrine locations in no time. 

Wildwoods Shrine Location

After solving the first puzzle -- where you lift the chain and then freeze the gears with your ax -- head left (which will prompt your son to yell that the deer went in the other direction). Climb up the chain. Go up the stairs and smash the wall to find the Sköll and Hati shrine.

Kratos and the boy stand in front of the Wildwoods Jotnar Shrine, which is blue in the middel and left and red on the right; painted in ornate symbols Source: HarryNinetyFour 

The River Pass Shrine Location

In the section with the Nornir chest and the two-part bridge (found by climbing down the chain after jumping down the ledge), head to the left and jump up a ledge.

Keep to the left along the corridor and you should find the Hrungnir shrine.

Kratos, in heavy armor, runs toward the River Pass Jotnar Shrine in God of War

Veithurgard Shrine Location

In the area with the bare-bones wooden structures, head up the stone steps to where the dragon is located and hang a left. Keep going left so that you cross underneath two bridges, and then head right, up some stone steps.

Keep following the path until you jump across to a stone bridge and see a big, sealed temple door. Break the seals, and just inside you should see the Skadi shrine.

Kratos looks toward the Veithurguard Jotnar Shrine near a large pillar covered in blue runes

Path to the Mountain Shrine Location

After throwing open the big double doors and climbing down a wood ladder, cross the bridge and hang a left. Break through the wall with your ax to find the Ymir shrine.

Kratos walks toward the closed Jotnar Shrine in the Path to the Mountain Location

Shores of Nine/Cliffs of the Raven Shrine Location

Traveling across the Lake of Nine bridge, head through the giant black doors (with the glowing purple runes up above) and take a left. Jump over the broken stones to find the Jörmungandr shrine location.

The closed shrine in the Shores of the Nine Location stands before an advancing Kratos 

Alfheim Shrine Location

Directly in front of the Temple of Light, go down the right-hand stone path to easily find the Groa shrine sitting at the bottom of the stairs.

The stone Alfheim Shrine stands against a small cliff and bright foliage.

Lookout Tower Shrine Location

When you land your boat and have to climb up several sets of stone cliffs, eventually you will zip line down a rope with your ax. The Thrym shrine is right after you land and before you continue down the path.

The Jotnar Shrine near Lookout Tower stand in the cleft of a giant statue's foot; Kratos and the boy look at it from afar

Tyr's Temple Shrine Location

Inside Tyr's Temple, you will have to shift a metal control on the ground to take the elevator down to a lower level. When you reach the bottom, turn around to find the Bergelmir shrine directly behind you.

Kratos stands in front of the Jotnar Shrine Location in Tyr's Temple in God of War

Thamur's Corpse Shrine Location

At the north end of the Lake of the Nine area, you can use the magic chisel to open a double-door hidden chamber. Just inside those doors, you will find the Thamur shrine location.

The shrine location on Thamur's Corpse sits in shadow among the wreckage of the giant's falling

Konunsgard Shrine Location

You will need to have the Hail to the King dwarven favor to find the Starkadr shrine. After using the favor to enter the Konunsgard stronghold, go up the stairs and take a right to see the shrine.

Kratos runs toward the Konunsgard Shrine Location in the castle at Konunsgard

Muspelheim Shrine Location

After collecting the four ciphers to gain access to Muspelheim, just to the left of the mystic gateway stands the final Surtr shrine to complete this quest.

Reading the final shrine unlocks The Truth trophy.

The Muspelheim Shrine Sits against rocks near a portal in the fiery area

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