Guess The Song Answers: 90’s Hits

Answers for the 90's songs in the game Guess the Song.

Answers for the 90's songs in the game Guess the Song.

Ah the 90’s! The time of bops, raising the roof, and barbie girls. If you were a 90’s kid there is no doubt that you were bopping your head to all the hits from your favorite boybands and pop stars. 

Guess the Song is bringing back memories with their 90’s category. For those of you who may have forgotten some of the throwback songs, I bring you the answers to the 90’s hits category in the trivia game dedicated to songs of the past.

Answers to 90’s Hits Category
  1. The Sign
  2. Barbie Girl
  3. How Bizarre
  4. Missing
  5. Fat Boy
  6. Fantasy
  7. No Rain
  8. Loser
  9. All Star
  10. Jump
  11. Baby Baby
  12. No Scrubs
  13. Words
  14. Words
  15. Jump Around
  16. Brick
  17. Epic
  18. Poison
  19. Candy Rain
  20. Secret
  21. Red Alert
  22. One Week
  23. Every Morning
  24. Wild Night
  25. I Wish
  26. Think Twice
  27. Torn
  28. Slide
  29. Hands
  30. Children
  31. Breathe

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