Guide to ESO Treasure Maps: Hunting for Riches with Sprinkels

Confused about Treasure Maps? Well Sprinkels is here to help!
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Since the early release, we have been able to nail down both great resources as well as important information for seeking out the bounties of Tamriel.

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What Do I do with Collector’s Edition Maps?

If you ordered the Imperial Edition you will receive three caches full of maps, you must open them to access the maps (and to be able to place them into your bank.)  Start by opening the Covenant cache first, all of the maps will be named by zone and have “CE” in the title, insinuating Collector’s Edition.  I found it easiest to place them all in my bank and grab the map for my next questing zone while dumping mats etc.  You can right-click the map and it will show you a very sketchy picture of where you can find your treasure, what it doesn’t tell you is that you are essentially looking for a dirt mound somewhere in the zone.

How Do I find Other Treasure Maps?

There are numerous treasure maps for each zone, instead of the “CE” label these maps will be numbered.  Maps can be found in locked and unlocked chests, off mobs and from purchasing in a guild store or from other players.  Just as the CE maps worked, you right-click to see a picture and then attempt to find a dirt mound.  Additionally this dirt mound can only be seen by someone with the comparable map in their bag.  A great resource that I use is the TESO-Life website, it has screenshots, map pictures and locations for ALL of the maps (including CEs).

Should I Wait to Open My Treasure Maps?

Treasure maps do not scale with your level, UNLESS you are in Cryodiil.  So if you find a map in Stormhaven the 16-23 zone, you will only find treasure that is 16-23.  Every treasure I have opened has given at least one blue which makes opening these chests a great way to upgrade gear while leveling.  However, most of my guild mates are storing Cryodiil maps until 50 to ensure upgrades at level cap.

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