Find out how to trigger elemental combos and fusions in Gunfire Reborn with the help of our quick guide.

Gunfire Reborn: Elemental Combos and Fusions Guide

Find out how to trigger elemental combos and fusions in Gunfire Reborn with the help of our quick guide.

There are three main elemental effects in Gunfire Reborn: burning, decay, and shock. Each of them has their own purpose and application during gunfights, but these elements can also be fused together, creating new elemental combos that will help you expand your dominance over the enemies.

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Our guide will provide you with all elemental combos and fusions in Gunfire Reborn, as well as explain how to activate them. Some of these fusions will not work on bosses, but other enemies will have a hard time surviving their effects.

All Elemental Combos and Fusions in Gunfire Reborn

How to Activate Elemental Fusions

Elemental effects can be combined when the second element is initiated during the ongoing element being active.

For example, if you were already using a Burning element on an enemy, and you immediately switch to Decay, this will trigger the Burning/Decay fusion combo.

If an enemy was already afflicted by any elemental combo, and you inflict it again, this will double the power of the elemental fusion.

Burning and Decay Fusion

These two elemental effects can be combined into a new Combustion effect, which not only staggers all enemies within the area, but also increases any given hit by 200%.

This means that each consecutive shot produced under the Combustion combo will deal three times more damage than usual.

Burning and Shock Fusion

These two effects create Manipulation combo that takes an enemy under your control. They start shooting their own kind, and if there are no enemies around, they simply stop doing anything, so you can easily take them down.

Unfortunately, this combo works only on normal enemies, and if you try to trigger it on an Elite enemy or a boss, then it won’t work.

Shock and Decay Fusion

The third combo is the most devastating. It creates Miasma, which deals 12% damage of the enemy’s total HP every second. This effect lasts for five seconds, practically dealing 60% damage to a normal enemy, while Elite enemies and bosses take 1% and 0.5% respectively.

The best part about this combo is that it will inflict damage to both armor and shield, as well as other enemies close by. It is also a stackable effect, which can be triggered nine times in a row.

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Those are elemental combos and fusions in Gunfire Reborn. Also, be sure to check out more Gunfire Reborn tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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