Gunfire Reborn: How to Unlock Reincarnation Mode

Reincarnation mode in Gunfire Reborn is the game's hardest difficulty. Here's how to unlock the mode.

There are four difficulty modes in Gunfire Reborn: Normal, Elite, Nightmare, and Reincarnation. The last one has eight levels of its own, making it the hardest mode in the game. But it's not available from the start.

This Gunfire Reborn guide will explain how to unlock Reincarnation mode. Aside from more levels, this mode adds a lot of changes to gameplay and the last level adds some extra challenges as well, so read on to learn more before hopping into this new mode.

How to Unlock Reincarnation Mode in Gunfire Reborn

Reincarnation mode can be unlocked just like any other difficulty in the game: by completing the game on the previous difficulty mode. This means that if you want to unlock the first level of the mode, you must first complete the game on the Nightmare mode.

The same goes for all eight levels of Reincarnation. If you want to unlock the second level, you need to complete the first one, and so on and so forth. You need to unlock all eight levels of Reincarnation mode if you want to consider your game as 100% complete.

In order to complete the levels, you need to beat either Duo Fjord or Hyperborean Jokul acts of the game. If you fail at one of these, then the next difficulty will not unlock.

What Changes in Reincarnation Mode

Reincarnation Levels 1-7 Changes

The first and most evident change that you notice in the Reincarnation mode is that you not only get increased damage, but also health and Soul Essence drops.

However, this is applicable only to normal enemies, whereas elite enemies or bosses will give you the same amount of Soul Essence as usual. This also means that all enemies will have higher HP and stronger shields.

In addition to normal merchants and blacksmiths, you will also randomly encounter Phantom Peddlers, who can sell you enhanced weapons and scrolls.

Lastly, at the beginning of each act, you will meet Spiritual Remnant. This is a kind of merchant that sells spiritual blessings.

Reincarnation Level 8 Changes

In addition to all the above-mentioned changes, the final level of Reincarnation mode will make players face various challenges, typically random and extremely hard.

However, these challenges will certainly happen on each boss stage. In all other cases, you may get lucky and not face anything during your normal playthrough.

That's all you need to know on how to unlock Reincarnation mode in Gunfire Reborn. Also, be sure to read our impressions of Gunfire Reborn right here.


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Published Jan. 4th 2022

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