Gunfire Reborn: Best Guns Tier List

Here is the tier list of the best guns in Gunfire Reborn, including best characters and occult scrolls for each of them.

The best weapons in Gunfire Reborn are determined by their raw power, the character using them, and occult scrolls enhancements. That's why even powerful weapons can feel inferior in the hands of the wrong character or without certain enhancements.

Our guide will list all the best guns in Gunfire Reborn that are universally good, and we also provide you with the list of the best characters for each given weapon and what types of scrolls you should be using. You will also learn how to get each weapon listed below.

Gunfire Reborn: S-Tier Guns


  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Damage: 30 (Fire)
  • Best Characters: Lei Luo, Ao Bai, Qing Yan

Demonlore's main advantage above all other weapons in the game is its ability to stack damage with increased or infinite magazine.

It also has high accuracy and stability, which is most important for hitting the most vulnerable spots on enemies and bosses.

The best occult scroll for this weapon is Advanced Depot, which uses advanced ammo instead of the magazine that stacks up a lot of damage on the Demonlore as a result.

You can obtain this weapon by killing Arrogant Lobster 40 times with fire damage in Duo Fjord.


  • Type: Shotgun
  • Damage: 40
  • Best Characters: Qing Yan

Due to a relatively large magazine (24), this shotgun can have a really high accuracy with increased rate of fire. This also affects its performance in critical hits, as well as elemental damage.

Since you'll be needing to shoot longer in order to increase its fire rate, you need a scroll that will preserve your magazine. That's why Deft Hands scroll would be a great addition to this weapon.

You can unlock this weapon by killing Lu Wu just once at the Longling Tomb.

A-Tier Guns


  • Type: Shotgun
  • Damage: 68 (Lightning)
  • Best Characters: Crown Prince, Qing Yan

Pupil has the highest critical hit chance if charged frequently. However, you will lose some accuracy while doing so. If you don't charge too frequently, then Pupil will not only be much more accurate, but also stable.

If you want to increase the lightning damage even further, you can use Lightning Shard scroll on Pupil to increase its damage effectiveness by 25%.

You can obtain this weapon by killing Catfish Gunner 20 times with lightning damage in Duo Fjord.

Crimson Firescale

  • Type: Rifle
  • Damage: 85 (Fire)
  • Best Characters: Ao Bai, Lei Luo

Crimson Firescale is the only other weapon that can be a solid fire damage alternative to Demonlore. Although it does have a lower accuracy and rate of fire, this rifle can still do a lot of damage, especially when hitting weak spots.

If you want this weapon to charge twice as fast, then the best scroll would be Fish or Bear Paw, which makes each projectile hit the same target twice.

You can get this weapon if you manage to kill Elite Lizard three times in Anxi Desert.


  • Type: Sniper
  • Damage: 120
  • Best Characters: Crown Prince

This sniper gun has an unusually high rate of fire (10) and accuracy, which allows you to move fast and hit targets precisely. This is a rare thing you won't find with any other sniper gun in the game.

The best occult scroll for Woodpecker would be Hawkeye Sight, which not only increases its accuracy even further, but also doubles its critical hit chance.

You need to kill Longbowman 20 times in Longling Tomb in order to unlock this weapon.

B-Tier Guns

Scorching Rounds

  • Type: Pistol
  • Damage: 140 (Fire)
  • Best Characters: Lei Luo

The total damage on this pistol is unbelievably high. You also get a 25% chance of triggering the elemental damage, which is also nice. But the best part is that you don't have to do anything to unlock it, as you get it by default at the start of the game.

You can turn this weapon into a real monster, if you apply the Blazing Hoop scroll, which adds an extra 200 fire damage to your elemental triggers.

Bone Dragon

  • Type: Launcher
  • Damage: 680
  • Best Characters: Ao Bai

Launchers can be highly effective in certain situations, and it just happens that Bone Dragon has the highest rate of fire among all other launchers in the game.

The best scroll for Bone Dragon would be Explosive Bullets, which grants all non-elemental weapons an extra 100% explosive damage and practically doubles the launcher's base damage.

You need to find and kill Bomber 20 times in Longling Tomb to be able to use Bone Dragon.

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