Halls of Torment Best Items Tier List

Equip your character only with the best items using our tier list guide for Halls of Torment.

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Our Halls of Torment best items tier list will help you spend more time focusing on the best gear the game has to offer, letting all other items fall by the wayside. You won’t be able to get them early, though, since these can only be obtained in the second half of the game. But once you reach that threshold, you’ll be able to improve your character build significantly.

Halls of Torment Best Items Tier List

Many items on our Halls of Torment best items tier list can be unlocked after completing certain challenges, though others can be purchased for gold coins. I’ll list which they are, how to get them, and why they’re useful.

The Best S-Tier Items

Seal of Rebirth (Ring)

Anyone who’s played Dark Souls remembers the infamous Ring of Sacrifice, which saves your character from death by breaking (I know it saved me and so many players from accidental deaths). The Seal of Rebirth ring tops my Halls of Torment best items tier list because it does the same thing as the Ring of Sacrifice, restoring 50% HP, to boot.

  • How to get the Seal of Rebirth Ring: The only way to get this ring is by purchasing it from Trader I during the “Milestones” chapter for 10,000 coins. You must also first unlock this trader by purchasing any 10 items from the Wellkeeper.

Electrostatic Treads (Footwear)

The Electrostatic Treads are meant for one thing — shocking! You’ll be able to blast your enemies with an electric shock wave that stuns and damages them by simply walking. As you walk, these boots charge up and emit powerful AoE once they’re fully charged.

  • How to get the Electrostatic Treads Footwear: You can unlock these boots during the “Lightning Storm” chapter by completing the “Electrostasis” challenge. All you have to do is increase your movement speed to 11 m/s.

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The Best A-Tier Items

Collar of Confidence (Necklace)

Though it’s not higher on my best items tier list, I’d recommend this powerful necklace to anyone who wants to push their damage to the limit. The Collar of Confidence boosts your damage by 50% and adds another 5% for each enemy in your pickup range. It’s especially useful for Archer builds that can deal with multiple enemies at once.

  • How to get the Collar of Confidence Necklace: This necklace can be unlocked after completing the “Confident” challenge during the “Swift as an Arrow” chapter. You must enter the Halls of Torment area at least 20 times and survive there for at least 5 minutes.

Blazing Shell (Garment)

Good armor not only protects but also damages enemies. Blazing Shell grants you +6 Block Strength and deals burning damage to anyone who dares to touch you. The chance of ignition is 50%, which is quite high.

  • How to get the Blazing Shell Garment: During the second chapter, “Ember Grounds,” you’ll get the chance to kill Scorched enemies. If you manage to defeat 20,000 of them, you’ll unlock this reward as a part of the “Scorched Slayer” challenge.

The Best B-Tier Items

Ruby Circlet (Headwear)

The Ruby Circlet isn’t as powerful as the Blazing Shell, but these two items can be excellently combined for some cool synergy. Once you set enemies on fire with Blazing Shell, this headgear will boost that burning damage by another 4%. So if you can get them both, I’d recommend doing so.

  • How to get the Ruby Circlet Headwear: You can get this item by completing the “Burning Masses” challenge during the “Scorched Earth” chapter. I’d suggest using Blazing Shell to complete the challenge, which requires you to set 50 enemies on fire at once.

Firewalker Boots (Footwear)

These boots aren’t as effective as the Electrostatic Treads, but they leave a fire trail and burning patches that may set enemies on fire. Unfortunately, the chance of burning enemies isn’t very high, unless you go for a full burn damage build alongside Blazing Shell and Ruby Circlet.

  • How to get the Firewalker Boots Footwear: Just like Ruby Circlet, you can unlock this item during the “Scorched Earth” chapter. All you need to do is walk 8,000 meters in a single run, and you’ll complete the “Firewalker” challenge.

Thunder Crown (Headwear)

If your preferred build focuses on electric damage, and you’re eager to get the Electrostatic Treads, then be sure to add this crown to the mix. It’s not as powerful as the boots, but it hits electrified enemies with 100 damage in the form of a lightning blast.

  • How to get the Thunder Crown Headwear: It won’t be easy to get this item, but you can do so during the “Lightning Storm” chapter. Once you apply the Electrify status effect on enemies 100,000 times, this will unlock the “Queen of Thunder” achievement that grants this item as a reward.

That’s our Halls of Torment best items tier list. Stay tuned for more Halls of Torment tips and tricks articles right here.

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