Halls of Torment: How to Find Blood Trails

Find out what the Trails of Blood are for in Halls of Torment using our quick guide.

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Understanding how to find Blood Trails in Halls of Torment will lead you to altars and Bloodstained Pages, ultimately giving you items called Tokens of Pain (also known as Shards and Blood Tokens). These are important because they’ll help you beat the first boss quite easily. But there are some things to know about these enigmatic Trails, including how they appear and how to follow them.

How to Find Blood Trails in Halls of Torment

Here’s how to find Blood Trails in Halls of Torment:

  • Blood Trails appear randomly. Though they can be found near wells and camps, there are many other places to find them since they’re governed by RNG.
  • Blood Trails always appear on the ground, no matter where they spawn.

How to Follow Blood Trails in Halls of Torment

Once you find Blood Trails on the floor in Halls of Torment, here’s how to follow them:

  1. Follow the Blood Trails without straying from the path (a Blood Trail will disappear and may not return if you don’t follow its precise path).
  2. Follow the Trail until you arrive at an altar with a book called, “Bloodstained Pages.”
  3. Read the book to the very end by scrolling through the text.
  4. A new Blood Trail will appear, which you must also follow without straying away from it.
  5. Follow this Trail until you arrive at a Skull Altar.
  6. You’ll see purple circles on the floor around the altar.
  7. Kill mobs inside these circles until the circles disappear.

If you did everything right, the Skull Altar will explode, and a Token of Pain will drop as a reward. It will help you defeat the first boss of the chapter, the appropriately-named Lord of Pain.

  • After the first Skull Altar explodes, follow the trail back to where you came from.
  • Pass the altar with the book from before.
  • Keep going back by following the trail until you reach the second Skull Altar on the opposite end.

Repeat the steps listed above at this new Altar and kill all the enemies inside the purple circles until they disappear. Pick up the second Token of Pain as your reward. Now you’re ready to defeat the first boss. The two Tokens will attack the boss automatically, depleting 50% of his HP and making for a very easy victory.

Unfortunately, these Tokens or Blood Trails don’t appear anywhere else in the game, as they were specifically designed to help beginner players. So save your time and better use it to get the best items for your character’s build.

That’s how to find Blood Trails in Halls of Torment. Stay tuned for more Halls of Torment tips and tricks articles right here.

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