Hearthstone Guide: How to Beat Hagatha in Monster Hunt

Learn what passive abilities and strategy are the best against Hagatha the Witch in this guide to Monster Hunt adventure for Hearthstone.

Learn what passive abilities and strategy are the best against Hagatha the Witch in this guide to Monster Hunt adventure for Hearthstone.

The latest solo adventure for Hearthstone is out — the Monster Hunt. It gives players four preconstructed decks, each belonging to a different character, to beat eight different bosses. If you manage to beat all of them with all four decks, then you will unlock the very last boss — Hagatha the Witch.

Hagatha is a very powerful enemy that has 100 HP and a passive hero power that adds a random Shaman spell to her hand each time she plays a minion. This gives her a huge advantage in the match-up, so if you want to know how to beat Hagatha, then follow our guide below.

Best Passive Abilities Against Hagatha

When the match-up begins, you will be given the chance to play all four pre-constructed decks in the same match-up. You will start with Houndmaster Shaw, which has 12 cards in the deck, and you will be given three hero cards for each of the other three monster hunters: Toki, Time-Tinker, Darius Crowley, and Tess Greymane.

Every time you change the hero, it will deal AOE damage on the board equal to its mana cost, and your deck will gain an additional 12 cards that correspond to that given hero. Also, every time you play a hero, you will have the chance to choose one passive ability card.

The best passive abilities against Hagatha for each of the heroes are listed below:

Crystal Gem (Shaw)

This ability gives you an additional mana crystal at the beginning of the match, so it basically works like a free Wild Growth but with an active mana. This gives you a good head start to set up a decent board against Hagatha in the early game.

Double Time (Toki)

Toki should be your next hero after Shaw. Also, you should save Call of the Wild in combination with Double Time to cast it twice in one turn. This will put six minions on board, including two chargers. This passive ability will let you produce extremely powerful turns.

Entrenchment (Crowley)

This one gives all your minions an additional two points of health, which may not seem much, but in the end, it turns out to be the most powerful choice with Darius Crowley. Pillage the Fallen is also good if you have a weapon, but that isn’t always the case.

Cult of the Wolf (Tess)

The last passive ability will allow you to discover any good spell that you’ve played during a match for just one mana with the help of Tess’ hero power. It’s super important at the later stages of the game, when you need that final push and there are no more cards in your hand.

Best Strategy Against Hagatha

In the early game, Hagatha will play Face Collector and Twilight Drake, which are both easy to deal with. But as soon as she reaches 6 mana, she will always play The Mistcaller — a legendary card that buffs all of her other minions in hand and deck. This is when the game turns into a real challenge.

However, you shouldn’t put all of your available minions on board just yet. You need to have just enough, since on turn eight, Hagatha will play Amalgamate — a powerful AOE that destroys all minions and creates an Amalgamation with the combined power of all destroyed minions. So don’t play your most powerful minions just yet.

Turn 9 usually ends up with her playing Hadronox — a legendary that returns all minions with Taunt on board as a Deathrattle effect. The only really good way to beat Hadronox is to Polymorph it. Otherwise, just keep track of all the Taunt minions she has played during the match, and calculate if you can remove them all at once. Blizzard with Double Time should do the trick.

Alternatively, Hagatha will play Glinda Crowskin, which gives all minions in hand Echo or Aviana, which makes all minions cost 1 mana. In this case, she will start putting out Arcane or Mountain Giants, so be sure to kill those two as soon as possible. Those are her main threats, and if you manage to deal with all of them effectively, there is no doubt that you will beat Hagatha.

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