Hearthstone: How To Draft Arena After Patch 10.4

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Blizzard surprised everyone by releasing Patch 10.4 so soon after announcement, introducing much-needed changes to the Arena drafting system. Now, more than ever before, careful decision making based on already present synergies is a requirement. Choosing just 1 out of 3 powerful cards can often be a daunting task even for seasoned Arena veterans, let alone newcomers. Therefore, I've made this simple, easy-to-follow guide of the new drafting system and explained the thought process behind each choice (where applicable).

For this particular Arena draft, I've chosen Mage. It's a traditionally strong class with a large amount of powerful spells and additional card generation.

Based on current stats, other good choices include Shaman, Paladin, Warrior, and Rogue.

With that being said, please click on to the next page to begin the draft. I suggest that you take the time to think on each set of cards and then scroll down to read through the reasoning behind my decision and see if yours corresponds.

Please note: This deck was drafted on 3/15/2018. Since then, there have been hotfixes affecting balancing and drop-rates of certain cards, hence your current drafting experience may differ from the one seen here.

Published Mar. 19th 2018

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