Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle Solution

Confused about those Owl bells? One spell makes the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy a whole lot easier.

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One of the game’s puzzles that’s particularly confusing resides high within The Bell Tower Wing of the wizarding school. If you’re looking for the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle solution, we’ve got you covered.

How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Start All’s Well That Ends Bell

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Some have stumbled upon this puzzle, or potentially even solved it without knowing, because it’s tied to a side quest. What makes this so common is that the side quest isn’t unlocked until far in the main quest line. Thankfully, you shouldn’t be locked out of the quest’s rewards for solving the puzzle early, although the quest needs to be active to receive its rewards.

The All’s Well That Ends Bell quest can be started by talking to a Hufflepuff student named Evangeline Bardsley in The Astronomy Wing. Travel to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower Floo Flame and head down the stairs to talk with her.

Where Is the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle?

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As you might assume from the name, this puzzle can be found within The Bell Tower Wing. The precise location requires a bit of walking and traversing a lot of stairs, though. You’ll want to start off by fast traveling to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame.

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From here, turn left and go up all the stairs in front of you. Keep going up, and eventually, you’ll find yourself in a hallway with an Eye Chest staring you down. Run through the hallway and enter the opening on the right to reach the Music Room.

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The Bell Tower is situated above, but there are more stairs to conquer first. Head to the back left corner of the room and continue walking up. Keep an eye on the middle space of the tower you’re walking around, or you’ll miss what you’re looking for.

Bell Tower Puzzle Solution

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This puzzle is a simple one. There are two rows of three Owl-shaped bells, with a space in each row for an additional one. The missing bells need to be reinserted; they can be found beneath and above you respectively. Use Revelio to find them quickly if you’re having trouble.

Solving this doesn’t take long at the moment, however, you will need the Wingardium Leviosa spell. For your own convenience and to avoid hearing bells tumble down the tower should you mess up, it might be best to ignore the urge to improvise with Levioso and Accio.

Bell Location 1

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The first bell is one flight of stairs down and hard to miss. Lift it up with Wingardium Leviosa and place it into the bottom row.

Bell Location 2

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Head up to find the second bell. It’s a bit more hidden so Revelio will come in handy here. Once you go up one flight, look across to the other side to find it underneath more stairs. Take it with you back down and insert it into the top row to solve the puzzle.

What are the Owl Bell Tower Puzzle Rewards?

Unlike the Viaduct Bridge puzzle, the rewards for solving this puzzle are fully tied to a side quest. Head back to Evangeline Bardsley to end the quest. You’ll receive EXP and an Erumpent Horn wall hanging.

With that, you now know the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle solution. Our Hogwarts Legacy guide hub has plenty of other puzzle solutions to help your adventure as well, including the Arithmancy Doors and the Merlin Trials.

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