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How Many Heists are in Payday 3? Answered

You can be sure Payday 3 offers plenty of different heists, but how many are there?

Payday 3 has launched and brought with it a selection of brand-new heists to continue the story of the Payday gang. If you’re wondering just how much variety there is to sink your teeth into, in this guide we’ll go over how many heists there are in Payday 3.

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How Many Heists are in Payday 3? Answered

Payday 3 has a total of eight heists available at launch. Every single one of these comes with numerous variations that shake things up. Whether it’s the location of items, what a vault code is, or even entire rooms, there is a lot left up to RNG. This adds plenty of reason to replay these eight heists over and over again.

Further accompanying these are a variety of cutscenes to tie together a story. You are free to tackle these in any number you like without having to worry about the plot though. In the end, it’s simply all about the heisting.

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This is likely a drastic change for those who have been playing Payday 2 throughout the years. While its predecessor launched with only eleven heists, albeit a couple of them being reskins of each other, the number ballooned into a massive 78 over the last decade thanks to DLC.

Will There Be DLC Heists in Payday 3?

We know from the season pass details that there are going to be four heists added to Payday 3 over the next year. If they’re as extensive and large as the ones in the base game, they should hopefully be weighty additions. Whether others will be added in the meantime, such as the holiday-themed ones in the previous title, remains to be seen.

Payday 3 Heist List

These are the eight heists that have been made available at launch:

  • No Rest For The Wicked
  • Road Rage
  • Dirty Ice
  • Rock The Cradle
  • Under The Surphaze
  • Gold & Sharke
  • 99 Boxes
  • Touch The Sky

You now know the answer to how many heists are in Payday 3. If you’re still unsure if it’s enough, we highly recommend checking it out through Xbox Game Pass if you have it. Make sure to brush up on our Matchmaking Error guide while you’re at it and feel free to browse our PD3 guides hub for even more tips and tricks.

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