How to Add Friends on My Hero Ultra Rumble

Learn how to add friends on My Hero Ultra Rumble and create a party.

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In My Hero Ultra Rumble and in any battle royale game for that matter, coordinating with your team is crucial for victory. That’s why adding and playing with friends is an important aspect of the game and there are a few ways to do it. Let’s go over how to add friends on My Hero Ultra Rumble so you can get your beat’em up on with your pals.

How to Add Friends on My Hero Ultra Rumble

Since there’s no official search system to find people in My Hero Ultra Rumble, there are three alternative ways to add someone. Each method depends on your preference and whether you’re playing via a third-party platform like Steam or the PlayStation Network. Here are all the methods to add someone:

  • In-Game Method: If you want to add someone you were randomly matched up with within the game, you can. Simply interact with their character and select the appropriate option. You can also do this after a match by going to your match history, locating that specific player, selecting them, and sending them a Buddy Invite.
  • Via Network: If you’re playing via Steam on a PC or via the PlayStation Network on a PS console, adding friends is quite easy. Simply open the appropriate search menu to find new people and type in your friend’s ID. That said, you may already have them on your list. You can now invite them to party up via the lobby settings.
  • Via Team ID: Select Team Battle and create your Team ID which you can find in the lower right corner of your screen under the Play tab. Your friends can now search for your Team ID with the “Search Team ID” option and join you.

You can now invite them to your lobby with the large plus sign beside your character. Whatever method you choose, playing My Hero Ultra Rumble with friends will increase your win rate as you can coordinate better. Tactical positioning and communicating who to target in this game is crucial so voice chat is also highly useful.

Now you know how to add friends on My Hero Ultra Rumble with ease. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t support crossplay so you cannot play with your PS friends on PC and vice versa. Still, the devs have acknowledged the need for this feature and will be implementing it in the future. If you’re interested in more My Hero Ultra Rumble guides, you can find them here.

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