How to Buy a Weed Farm in GTA 5 Online

Here's how to buy a weed farm of your very own in GTA Online and start raking in that green.

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The weed farm is just one of a few hustles you can have running with your MC Club in Grand Theft Auto Online, and it’s one of the most profitable alongside the other two drug-related options. You’ll have to start an MC Club before you can get a weed farm of your own, though, and Premium Edition owners who have the Criminal Enterprise Pack can get their first one running for free.

Chances are you have Grand Theft Auto 5 with the Criminal Enterprise Pack, so the first portion of this guide will show you how to get it up and running and how to get a weed farm. If you already have an MC Club, you can skip ahead to the important part: growing ganja.

How to Get a Weed Farm in GTA 5 Online

  • To buy a weed farm, you’ll first need to own a Motorcycle Club (MC Club).
  • You’ll need some capital to open your first weed farm, whether you get the free MC Club or not.
  • This is the same process for the other MC Club-remaining businesses like counterfeit cash and meth labs.

How to Start an MC Club

As previously stated, this is the process for GTAO players who have the Criminal Enterprise Pack. I don’t know anyone who plays the game in 2023 who doesn’t have it, so it’s the assumed default. Let’s do this in step-by-step fashion:

  1. Open your phone and navigate to Maze Bank Foreclosures.
  2. Find the Great Chaparral Clubhouse on the map. You should find it easily as its icon has a dollar sign on it to indicate it’s free.
  3. Make your style selections for the clubhouse. They do cost money, so you might not want to get any.
  4. Finalize the purchase and complete the mission to get it up and running.
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Get used to these types of missions, as you’ll have to do them each time you set up a new MC Club-related business, or after they’ve been raided (which luckily doesn’t happen often).

As a side note, much like the free Bunker, this free Clubhouse is in a terrible location. You’ll want to buy another one in a better spot later on if you end up doing a lot of MC Club content. The same can be said for the counterfeit cash business it gives you for free, too.

How to Open a Weed Farm

Time to head on into your MC Clubhouse, because you’ve got to make use of the laptop within.

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Click over to the Buy Business tab and peruse what’s available to you. There are four weed farms you can buy (only three shown below, as I own one).

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The cheaper ones are a bit out of town and can be a drive, but they’re an option if you’re on a budget. The in-city ones are the most expensive, but the short commute to resupply and deliver goods is pretty worth it.

From here, you buy one and head to its location to do a setup mission that isn’t too different from the one you did to open your MC Club. You have to get the equipment and staff ready to go, and it’ll be up to you to resupply your weed farm by either paying to have it done or stealing the supplies yourself.

You too can own your own weed farm with a little bit of gumption and, honestly, not that much effort. You’ll need a little cash to get it going, but chances are you have enough. Move onto some of our other GTAO guides, such as how to mute other players or how to play as a cop.

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