How to Catch and Use Merchants in Palworld

Do you want Merchants at your base? Here's how to catch and use them!

A black marketeer hiding in a cave in Palworld
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Merchants allow you to buy and sell Pals and materials, but you have to find them first. Wandering Merchants can be found all over the map, but they don’t have to wander. You can actually catch them. Here’s how to catch and use Merchants in Palworld.

How to Catch Merchants in Palworld

You can catch Merchants in Palworld like Pals by battling one, lowering their health, and throwing a Pal Sphere at them. Similar to catching other humans with Pal Spheres, the capture rate for Merchants is very low. Giga Spheres, Hyper Spheres, and above grant greater success when trying to catch one of these NPCs.

How to Catch Merchants Without Being Wanted

However, be extra careful when catching Merchants since you can get the Wanted status. Although you can capture Pals and make them work countless hours through the night, the game has some illegal activities.

If you attack a Merchant or any friendly NPC, the PIDF comes after you and attacks you. However, there’s a way to catch Merchants without being Wanted. Have your Pals attack the Merchant, but whatever you do, don’t attack them yourself. The Wanted status only appears if you attack friendly NPCs, not your Pals.

Where to Find Merchant Locations in Palworld

Palworld map showing merchant locations in Palworld
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Above is a map of all static Merchant locations currently in Palworld. There are some that wander, but I went to a settlement to fight and capture my base’s Merchant. Here are their coordinates for reference:

73, -486-480, 745180, -62035, -418-789, -629
72, -527185, 73-188, -601496, 340-606, -234
357, 346160, 158399, -277345, 364

How to Use Merchants at Your Base in Palworld

Once you’ve captured a Merchant, add them to your base like any other Pal. You can then talk to them and trade with them like you would regularly. This means you’ll no longer need to leave your base to buy items or Pals.

Merchant inventory containing Skill Fruit in Palworld
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If the merchant doesn’t have items or Pals you want, you can return them to the Palbox and bring them back out. Their inventory changes every time you do this. This is my favorite way to get new and rare Pals from Pal Merchants. Additionally, their stock respawns after you put them in the Palbox, giving you unlimited access to all their goods.

What Happens When Merchants are Killed? Do They Respawn?

Merchants can be challenging to capture, but what happens if you’re too careless and end up killing the Merchant? Luckily, Merchants respawn if you kill them. However, they disappear for quite a while. When I first tried catching a Merchant, I didn’t command my Pals to stop attacking, and the poor merchant died. I was scared that they wouldn’t respond, but to my surprise, after a few hours, they were alive and well, right where I killed them.

That’s how to catch and use Merchants in Palworld. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our growing Palword guides hub for topics such as where to find Mozzarina and how to use lettuce seeds

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