Where to Find and Catch Mozzarina in Palworld: Weaknesses & Locations with Coordinates

Stock up on Milk using Mozzarina in Palworld!

Mozzarina sleeping on a pal bed
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Mozzarina isn’t the type of Pal you bring into battle. Instead, its strength is its ability to produce Milk when assigned to a Ranch. To capitalize on this resource, here’s where to find Mozzarina in Palworld, how to catch it, and a list of its weaknesses.

How to Find Mozzarina Locations in Palworld

Mozzarinas roam between these fast-travel points: Ravine Entrance (-62, -424), Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster (-108, -465), and Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon (-215, -346).

They aren’t too far away from the starting area, so I got one early by exploring the area to the northwest of where I spawned. Their day and night habitats are the same; I find them around the waypoint for Ravine Entrance.

After getting a Hip Lantern, it’s easier to get them at night because they go to sleep. I can throw a Mega Sphere and capture them without attacking, or chasing them when they run away. In my experience, Mozzarinas are fairly low-level. I see them around Levels 12-15, so a regular Pal Sphere is enough to capture one.

Mozzarina daytime habitat map in Palworld.
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How to Catch Mozzarina: Weaknesses and Best Pal Spheres to Use

Mozzarinas are weakest to Dark Damage, but they’re weak Pals in general. Lowering one’s health enough to capture it without a Dark Pal is easy in my experience; it just takes a bit longer and requires more patience. A regular Pal Sphere is good enough to catch Mozzarinas, but the best I’ve used is a Mega Sphere to lower a Mozzarina’s escape chance. Or if you want to capture it while its health is higher without dealing much or any damage first.

Mozzarina Partner Skill and Work Suitability

Mozzarina information in the Paldeck with the blue and white cow Pal curled up sleeping.
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The Mozzarina’s Partner Skill is Milk Maker, and it produces Milk when assigned to a Ranch. It has Farming Level 1 for Work Suitability and only produces Milk on the Ranch. I keep my Mozzarinas assigned to a base instead of bringing them with me when hunting and exploring. It’s the most efficient way to use them.

How to Breed Mozzarina

If you can’t capture a Mozzarina, breeding one is your next best options. Combine Fuack and Cinnamoth for a chance to breed a Mozzarina. However, the chance of the pair producing one is low, and I don’t rely on it when adding the Pal to my Ranch. Alternatively, the Pal Merchant at the Small Settlement (76, -487) sells Mozzarina fairly often for a few thousand Gold Coins.

And that’s where to find Mozzarina in Palworld, how to catch it, and its weaknesses. The Milk it produces is necessary to craft Cake, an item needed for Breeding Pals. From here, check out our guide hub for more content like where to find Beegarde or where to find a Paladius.

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