Where to find Beegarde in Palworld: Beegarde Locations, Weaknesses, and More

Everything you need to know to capture a Beegarde in Palworld!

Beegarde in a ranch with mozzarina
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Beegarde might be one of the most valuable Pals to collect. Not because of its fighting prowess, but because you can farm Honey using one. So, here’s where to find Beegarde in Palworld.

Where to Find a Beegarde in Palworld

The lowest-level Beegardes I’ve seen are around Level 20, so you’ll want to be in that level area yourself before hunting one down. They roam the area between four fast-travel points: Sealed Realm of the Swift (301, 36), Mossanda Forest (259, -91), Sealed Real of the Guardian (111, -58), and Snowy Mountain Fork (82, 3).

Beegarde habitat map
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I had a tough time finding a Beegarde on my server. But once you know where to look, they’re not too tough to track. It helps that their day and night habitats are the same.

How to Catch a Beegarde: Weaknesses and Which Spheres to Use

I usually find Beegardes in groups, and they’re hostile to you with an annoying self-detonate ability that makes it difficult to catch one. I had an Incineram with me because Beegardes are a Grass-type, meaning they’re weak to fire attacks. However, you need to find a delicate balance between attacking it enough to increase the capture rate, but not damaging it so much that it’ll self-detonate.

For spheres, I’d recommend using at least a Mega Sphere. But going with a higher quality sphere, such as a Giga Sphere, helps you capture one at higher health. Then, you can avoid having it fly around you and explode, making it rather difficult to grab.

Beegarde Partner Skill, Work Suitability, and How to Breed

Beegarde Paldex page
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But if you’d prefer, you can get a Beegarde to hatch from Verdant Eggs. I got them consistently from having a Tanzee and a Melpaca at my Breeding Farm. Every egg they produced hatched into a Beegarde for me, and both Pals are easy to capture. So, if you want to get a Beegarde without trying to capture one, I recommend this breeding combo.

The Beegarde’s Partner Skill revolves around having an Elizabee in the party during combat because it’ll increase the Elizabee’s stats. However, a Beegarde is also great as a Base Pal. It will drop Honey when assigned to the Ranch. It can also be used for Planting, Handiwork, Gathering, Lumbering, Medicine Production, and Transporting. But having Beegardes assigned to your Ranch is the best use for them.

Honey’s among the best food items you can farm in Palworld. It returns a small amount of Sanity, but it’s non-perishable. This means that you can store as much as you want with it expiring. Additionally, Honey is an ingredient used to craft Cake, an item required for breeding Pals. As such, the Beegarde is best placed at the Ranch.

And that covers where to find Beegarde in Palworld, and the best job for one after it’s captured. For more content, check out our guides hub for topics like how to get and use Flour, another Cake ingredient. Or maybe where to find Woolipop, which drops Cotton Candy, another non-perishable food item!

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