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Spider-Man 2: How to Change Suits

Here's how to change suits in Spider-Man 2 to get your favorite iconic look.

Both Peter Parker and Miles Morales have plenty of iconic wardrobe options to choose from, with many of those represented in Spider-Man 2. Each also has unique color variations that add fun twists to their traditional schemes. With that in mind, here’s how to change suits in Spider-Man 2.

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How to Put on New Outfits in Spider-Man 2

You’ll start the game out with Miles in his Upgraded suit and Peter in his Advanced Suit 2.0 garb. After defeating Sandman and setting up the FNSM App, you’ll get a yellow map icon to progress the main story. This is during Show Me New York. Go to the marker, and you’ll be taken into the Suits menu, where Spider-Man 2 will teach you about equipping outfits and crafting color variants.

Follow the instructions to craft three new colors for Peter’s Advanced Suit 2.0 outfit. Afterward, you’ll be able to purchase new styles using Tech Parts and City Tokens. However, you don’t have to buy any more attire right now if you don’t want to.

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  • To change suits, highlight a costume and press X.
    • If a suit has different colors to choose from, you’ll see four diamonds in the lower-right corner of its card.
    • Suits without diamonds or alternative options will auto-equip when pressing X.
    • Those with alternates will take you into a new menu. Scroll through the options and press X to put them on.

After you do this the first time, you’ll unlock the bronze Stylish trophy. Any time after the Show Me New York mission, you can pull up the Suits menu by pressing the touchpad, then tabbing right from Map to Suits. There are 30 suits for Miles and Peter for a total of 60.

Lastly, you can also change suits that you’ve unlocked in Photo Mode. The Suit and Suit Styles options are in the first menu when you open up Photo Mode, and you can toggle between them for just the picture. The changes revert when you exit the mode.

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Unlocking More Suits

You’ll unlock new suits for both Spider-Men by leveling up or unlocking them through the story. Each character has 56 that become available through gaining XP points and leveling, as well as four gained through progressing the story.

I had about 200 Tech Parts and 30 City Tokens by the time I reached this part of the campaign because I wandered off doing side activities in Little Odessa and Williamsburg, letting me unlock most of the initial costumes and color variations. You may have fewer if you mainline the story to this point.

It’s also worth noting that 10 suits — five for Peter and five for Miles — are exclusive to the Deluxe Edition of Spider-Man 2. These include:

  • Peter
    • 25th Century
    • Aurantia
    • Apunkalyptic
    • Stone Monkey
    • Tactical
  • Miles:
    • Agimat
    • Biomechanical
    • Encoded
    • Red Spectre
    • Tokusatsu

Regardless, that’s how to change suits in Spider-Man 2. If you’re a Spidey fan like me, you’ll love to see the options that become available, letting you create new comic-book-inspired memories with Insomniac’s action-adventure game. For more, head over to our guides hub for the Webhead’s latest.

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