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Spider-Man 2: How to Get More Suit Colors

Peter and Miles each have tons of costumes to choose from. But how do you get more suit colors Spider-Man 2?

There are 60 total outfits between Miles and Peter in Spider-Man 2. Some truly legendary costumes appear as you progress, and many have four different variants. Here’s how to get more suit colors to customize the drip of your favorite Spider-Man.

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How to Change Outfit Color in Spider-Man 2

When you start the game, you’ll only have access to one suit and one color for both Miles Morales and Peter Park. Beat Sandman and complete the subsequent mission, One Thing at a Time, to start the mission called Show Me New York. Eventually, you’ll get a quest marker in Downtown Queens. Go there, and you’ll be able to change suits.

The tutorial leads you through how to swap outfits and how to craft alternate colors for those outfits. To do so any time afterward, follow these steps:

  • Open the menu and tab over to Suits.
  • Highlight a suit with four grey diamonds in its card’s bottom-right corner.
    • Not all costumes have alternate options.
    • Cards with yellow diamonds mean you’ve already crafted more colors.
    • Cards with grey diamonds mean you haven’t crafted more hues yet.
  • Hold Square to get more suit colors for the specific outfit.

One of the coolest things about changing these out is that they also appear in cinematics, too. Not just on the character you’re playing but also on the hero you’re not playing as. In my game, Peter wears a red, white, and blue suit I put on him in the early hours of the game.

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Materials Required to Change Colors

Each costume variation requires a certain number of Tech Parts and City Tokens. These will be displayed on the far right side of the screen, underneath the suit name and styles. The number of these crafting materials varies by character and by costume, but I can confirm that Peter’s early ones cost 10 Tech Parts and 1 City Token, while Miles’ cost 20 Tech parts and 1 City Token.

To get more Tech Parts, you’ll need to complete activities in New York’s different districts. Completing crimes, FNSM missions, EMFs, and hunter blinds, as well as finding Spider Bots and stashes. You’ll get City Tokens by completing Photo Ops, finding Marko’s Memories, and beating some side missions.

Are There More Colors for the Deluxe Edition Suits?

Unfortunately — and to my dismay — the suits exclusive to the Deluxe Edition of Spider-Man 2 don’t have any alternate colors to choose from. What you see is what you get. While I understand why they don’t have different hues, it would have been awesome to see some of those designs in a different way.

That’s how to get more suit colors in Spider-Man 2. It’s a relatively straightforward process, and I find the hardest part is waiting to unlock them as I level (and that I might just have to dish out for the Deluxe Edition upgrade to get more costumes in general). For more, head over to our guides hub for the game.

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