How to Complete Road to Season City in WoW: Dragonflight

Knowing how to complete Road to Season City in WoW: Dragonflight can help you earn more Barter Bricks.

Kayann in Valdrakken in WoW Dragonflight
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If you want to earn more Barter Bricks, it’s worth learning how to complete “Road to Season City” in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Since Barter Bricks aren’t easy to obtain in large quantities, it helps to do everything you can to earn them.

How to Complete Road to Season City in WoW: Dragonflight

After you complete “Bartering 101” from Ponzo in Loamm, you can accept “Road to Season City” from Kayann in Valdrakken, found around (X:36, Y:62). Kayann wants you to deliver 40 Yusa’s Hearty Stews and five Grand Banquets of Kalu’ak to Loamm.

You can get the necessary items either through the Cooking Professional and crafting them, or by purchasing them on the Auction House. I’ve neglected my cooking in this expansion, so I headed to the Auction House and bought the items. My overall cost was about 900 gold, which isn’t bad at all.

Then, it’s back to Loamm to turn in “Road to Season City.” Thankfully, you can use flight paths to get back inside Zaralek Cavern.

Also, if you buy the items from the Auction House and forget to grab them, Loamm has mailboxes you can use. This was my situation since I often forget that items purchased on the Auction House don’t automatically go into your inventory.

Then, you’ll turn in the quest to Phiary, who’s found near (X:57, Y:56). He gives you five Barter Bricks as a reward.

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For more WoW: Dragonflight guides, we have how to get Flightstones and where to find Ponzo, to whom you’ll trade the Barter Bricks. Otherwise, we’re working on expanding our content for Patch 10.1 additions.

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