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How to Complete the Model Mischief Challenge in BitLife

Modeling and murdering come together in the Model Mischief BitLife Challenge!

The modeling world is cutthroat, and that takes a very literal turn in this Bitlife live challenge. Not only do you need to be the best and attend fashion week more than once, you need to take extreme measures to deal with your competition. Here’s how to complete the Model Mischief Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Model Mischief Challenge Tasks

The tasks you’ll need to tick off to complete this challenge are:

  • Be born a female in Massachusetts.
  • Become a famous model while working at a modeling agency.
  • Sabotage 5+ of your fellow models’ careers.
  • Murder 5+ of your fellow models.
  • Participate in 2+ Fashion Weeks.

Be Born a Female in Massachusetts

As we usually do, we start with a Custom Life this time. Choose female for gender and The United States as your country. Then, select Boston as your place to be born in Massachusetts. Because you need the Model Job Pack to participate in this challenge, pick Model as your special talent. This makes it easier to break into the industry later.

Become a Famous Model While Working at a Modeling Agency

Being famous as a model takes a lot of time. Here are my suggestions to help with the process. First, make sure you take Walks while Aging Up to improve your looks, and ask your parents to take Modeling Lessons for a performance boost. These are found in the Mind and Body tab.

It also helps to make accounts for all available social media platforms and build an audience for a fame boost later. Otherwise, you need a part-time job or to do freelance gigs to earn money for headshots, which you submit to auditions.

Next, go to Jobs > Special Careers > Model > Take Headshots. After that, go back into the same Model menu and audition for some local gigs to build a portfolio. Sometimes headhunters find you and sign you to an agency. Otherwise, search for an agency on your own in the Model menu. Agencies with more famous models mean you have a better chance of becoming famous. Once you sign with an agency, go to Jobs > Model > Clients and audition directly. You could ask the agency to find you a gig, but I’ve had much better luck with going straight to the client list. Repeat these actions until you build some fame to complete this task.

Sabotage 5+ of Your Fellow Models’ Careers

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Now that you’re famous, it’s time to ruin some careers. This task is pretty straightforward. Go to Jobs > Model > Colleagues and choose one. Then, choose to Sabotage them with any of the methods available. Repeat this at least five times to check off the task and move onto a more permanent form of sabotage next.

Murder 5+ of Your Fellow Models

We end up here with many challenges. Go to Activities > Crime > Murder and choose a fellow model. You can pick any method, but the more violent ones tend to have a higher chance of succeeding. I also recommend waiting to do this task last because it comes with the risk of going to prison for many years if you’re caught. And it’s difficult to go back to modeling after a prison sentence. Although, escaping is an option if you do end up in jail. Anyway, commit at least five model murders and check off the task.

Participate in 2+ Fashion Weeks

Once you earn reputation, promotions, and have enough gigs under your belt, you should start seeing the option to participate in Fashion Week when you go to your Model menu. Choose to participate when you see it until you’ve done so at least twice. It took me over 10 years to see it pop up, so this task could take a bit of patience. But then that fulfills your final task.

And that’s how to complete the Model Mischief Challenge in BitLife. I find modeling to be one of the hardest job packs to earn fame and promotions in, so this challenge might be frustrating if you feel the same way. From here, check out our guide hub for more topics like how to scare someone to death or all job packs ranked worst to best.

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