Find out how to effectively dodge Troy's attacks, which weapons to use during the boss battle, and how to finally kill him in this guide to Borderlands 3.

How to Defeat and Kill Troy in Borderlands 3

Find out how to effectively dodge Troy's attacks, which weapons to use during the boss battle, and how to finally kill him in this guide to Borderlands 3.

One of the most obnoxious bosses in Borderlands 3 is Troy Calypso. He’s one half of the Calypso Twins and an evil Siren taken on at the end of the Great Vault quest. The Troy fight can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to counter his attacks. So follow this guide to be able to kill Troy fast.

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You will need to utilize the massive environment of the arena for this boss fight, as well as dodge some of Troy’s fiercest attacks. So let’s take a look at the fight mechanics closer now.

Best Weapons for Beating Troy

Troy is a very mobile boss. He’s fast and moves constantly around the arena. This means you need a weapon that can guarantee a hit but also one that gives you enough time to dodge his attacks.

The best weapons for beating Troy are any of the Atlas manufactured assault rifles with smart bullets, such as Carrier or Rebel Yell. These weapons will let you shoot Troy without even looking at him.

Another option is to use weapons that deal elemental damage. Troy is especially vulnerable to Radiation damage but Corrosive or Shock damage also work pretty well.

To kill Troy with elemental weapons, try one of these weapons:

  • Cloud Kill
  • Flakker
  • Rowan’s Call
  • Cutsman

Lastly, if you’re using grenade mods, it is best to use mods with elemental damage, such as the Hex grenade mod, which has five different modes for dealing with Troy:

  • MIRV: Grenade splits into three pieces on impact.
  • MIRV-Tacular: Grenade splits into six pieces on impact.
  • Cloning: Grenade splits into two halves shortly after being thrown.
  • Mitosis: Grenade splits into three parts shortly after being thrown.
  • Recurring: Has the effects of both MIRV and Mitosis.

How to Kill Troy Calypso

Now that you know which weapons to use against him, you can start applying all of your arsenal during the actual boss battle.

Phase 1

One of the most frequent types of attacks Troy uses is the Eridium Orb blast that sends purple orbs from the center of the arena and spreads them to its edges.

It’s easy to dodge the orbs if you don’t stand too close to Troy. So always keep some distance from him. That way, you will be able to either jump over the shots or stand between them as they spread.

As soon as you get used to the pattern, you will easily dodge them. When you’re out of the damage cone, you can shoot Troy with your weapon of choice.

Phase 2

The second phase of attack has two dashes:

  1. He will jump up in the air and try to slam you down.
  2. He will take out his sword and plunge at you from a distance.

In the first case, as he slams the ground from above, you need jump to the side. If you jump backward, you will be hurt by his orbs. So jump either left or right.

In the case of his second dash or sword plunge, you need to step to the side as soon as he gets close. Choose the side away from the sword; if he holds it in his right hand, then step aside to his left. Otherwise, he will damage you.

At the end of each dash, Troy will take a short pause, and that’s the perfect moment to shoot him or throw a couple of grenades at him.

Phase 3

The final series of attacks is the hardest one because he will send several waves of Eridium Orbs at you. Some can be avoided by jumping, but others spread out at shoulder level. In this case, you will just have to find space between them.

Also, you can’t really go backward during this phase; if you do, you will get damaged by the Eridium Walls that rise up along the edges of the arena. So be really, really careful during this last phase of attacks.

The best moment to deal damage to Troy during this phase is right at the beginning when he flies to the center of the arena and starts sending waves of orbs. Right before he lands, throw a few grenades in the center, so he will land on top of them. This will deal a huge amount of damage, letting you focus on avoiding the orbs and the walls.


The last thing which should be mentioned is that between phases, Troy will be surrounded by purple energy ball that makes him completely immune to any damage.

In this case, you need to shoot four lasers on the pillars surrounding the arena, and his shield will fall down.

That is all on how to defeat and kill Troy Calypso in Borderlands 3. For more Borderlands 3 guides, check out the list below:

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