How to Disable Raids in Palworld

You don't have to let your base get attacked. Here's how to turn off raids in Palworld.

Slaying a raiding Relaxaurus in Palworld
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Base raids spice things up, but large ones full of high-level enemies are unwelcome. I’ve wandered off only to find my base in ruins. If you want to get rid of them and just pal around, I’ll tell you how to disable raids in Palworld to save you the headache.

How to Turn Off Base Raids Base in Palworld

Being raided is my least favorite part of Palworld. It doesn’t emulate being raided by opposing guilds, as we see in other survival games. The raid system is more fun in concept than it is in actuality, especially if you’re just trying to relax or are focusing on making sure your base is as efficient as can be. You can turn off raids completely if you’re the world host or know the world host.

Where to Find the Raid Event Setting in Palworld

First, leave your world to change its settings. Once you’ve left, select the world on which you want to disable raids. Then, select the “Change World Settings” button at the bottom of the screen.

In the world settings menu, regardless of the difficulty you have the world set to for now, select the “Custom Settings” button next to “Custom Difficulty.” Scroll to the bottom of the settings list and look for “Enable Raid Events.” This setting is on by default on all difficulties. Toggle it to “Off” to disable Raids on that world, then close the menu and save your changes.

The raid option in Palworld's custom settings
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And with that, you know how to disable base raids in Palworld. No longer with those Free Pal Alliance jerks come by and wreck your stuff, never again will a herd of Relaxaurus pull your Pals from their work. You are free of the burden of raids, and that’s probably for the better since the rewards aren’t very good. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other guides on the game. Our guides on all Fusion Pal combinations, how to get High Quality Pal Oil, and how to cure Pal status effects are worth the read.

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