Exploit this glitch and dupe weapons, mods, and other items both on the console and PC versions of Borderlands 3.

How to Dupe Weapons and Items in Borderlands 3

Exploit this glitch and dupe weapons, mods, and other items both on the console and PC versions of Borderlands 3.

One of the best ways to make extra money in Borderlands 3 is to sell duplicates of expensive items. If you want to know how to dupe weapons and mods by exploiting a simple glitch, then keep reading our guide below.

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This glitch can be achieved in two different ways: one is specific to consoles, and another is specific to PC. Each of the methods will take you no longer than five minutes, so it’s a really quick way to make a lot of extra cash until it’s ultimately patched.

Method 1: For PS4 and Xbox One

Before duplicating any items in Borderlands 3, you obviously need to own them first. Once you have what you want to dupe, make sure that you have free slots in your inventory. When all is done, you can follow this procedure:

  1. Ask one of your friends to head to Sanctuary
  2. Let them create a host game and join it
  3. Once you are in, open your vault
  4. Select the Deposit tab
  5. Hover over the item you want to duplicate
  6. Spam the Deposit button
    • “X” on PS4
    • “A” on Xbox One

By spamming the Deposit button, the item will duplicate itself. You will see another copy of it appearing in your vault.

Method 2: For PC 

The method on PC is slightly different and involves duplicating your save files before anything else. Here’s what you need to do first:

  1. Go to “/Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/SaveGames/” folder
  2. Copy the “1.sav” file, and save it somewhere else

Afterward. you can start duplicating items in Borderlands 3 by following this sequence:

  1. Ask your friend to host a game and join it
  2. Once you’re in, drop the item(s) you wish to dupe on the floor
  3. Quit the game
  4. Take your saved “1.sav” file from before and replace the new “1.sav” file in the same folder
  5. Restart Borderlands 3

As a result, you will have an item you’ve dropped previously on the floor and another copy in your inventory. It’s a little more work on PC, but if you want to cut out some of the grinding and farming necessary for the item, it may be a worthy trade. 

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