Looking to bolster your armory with the wasteland's best loot? Here is a fast and easy way to earn legendary gear in Bethesda's new RPG.

How to Farm Legendary Weapons and Armor in Fallout 76

Looking to bolster your armory with the wasteland's best loot? Here is a fast and easy way to earn legendary gear in Bethesda's new RPG.
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While Fallout 76 was released only last week, players have already begun to scour the remotest corners of Appalachia, soar through levels exceeding 100, and tackle the most challenging content the game currently has to offer. With this fairly comprehensive foundation established, players are now turning their eyes towards obtaining the game’s best loot: legendary weapons and armor.

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Fallout 76‘s legendary gear can be found as random drops from the legendary enemies (those with stars next to their names) located throughout the world. This rare loot comes with random legendary effects (damage boosts, infinite ammo, etc.), and the best legendary weapons have the potential for up to five of these effects. These guns can be absolutely devastating additions to a lucky Vault Dweller’s arsenal.

Due to the random nature of legendary gear and their effects, many will likely need to be acquired before finding one of extraordinary power or of your preferred weapon types, which means you are going to need to kill a lot of legendary enemies.

Fortunately, motivated players are coming up with efficient ways to do so.

How to Farm

The method outlined here for fast legendary gear farming is simple, and it revolves around targeting events that have guaranteed legendary enemy spawns and “server hopping” (continually joining new servers by logging in and out of 76) to complete them over and over again quickly.

For clarity, the process is as follows:

  1. Log into Fallout 76
  2. Check if any events with legendary enemies are currently active
  3. Kill and loot the legendary enemies at any of these active events
  4. Log out
  5. Log back in and repeat on a new server

Events to Target

With the method established, all that is left is to determine the best events to target when “server hopping” for legendaries. A few such events have been coming up repeatedly in the 76 community, and a Reddit post from u/twolcott02 compiles three of the best:

Uranium Fever

This appears to be the community’s current go-to event for farming end-game legendaries. Located at the Blackwater Mines, this event asks players to protect Uranium extractors from waves of enemies, including three legendary Mole Miners.

Beyond the number of legendary Mole Miners, what makes “Uranium Fever” such an excellent event for farming is that they scale with your level and are capped at level 40. Legendary enemies that are level 40 and above have the potential to drop the best of 76‘s legendary gear, making these enemies some of the easiest options for the game’s most powerful loot.

One Violent Night

Located in the Savage Divide, “One Violent Night” is another event where the strongest legendaries can be acquired.

While it is possible to get legendary Ghoul spawns throughout the event, the real prize here is the boss — a legendary Wendigo that scales with your level.

Leader of the Pack

If you want to start farming for legendaries before level 15, “Leader of the Pack” is the event for you.

Located near the Tyler County Fairgrounds, this event spawns three low-level, one-star Wolves for your farming pleasure.


From farming loot, XP, and resources to fixing bugged quests, “server hopping” is an efficiency tool being used often in these early days of 76. Eventually, we may see Bethesda address this approach, though that seems difficult without persistent servers.

In the mean time, we hope that you can use this method to find all the loot you have been dreaming of, and if you have any events that you love to farm for legendaries, please do share them in the comments below. If you found this guide useful, you may want to take a gander at our other Fallout 76 guides.

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