Looking for a simple way to farm mutations in Fallout 76? Here are two methods that will help you get any mutation you want.

How to Farm Mutations in Fallout 76

Looking for a simple way to farm mutations in Fallout 76? Here are two methods that will help you get any mutation you want.
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One of the most exciting new mechanics in Fallout 76 is Mutations. It allows players to gain new powers, but it can have negative effects as well. In any case, if you are willing to give up a few points of stats here and there for some really cool abilities, then you need to learn how to farm mutations.

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In order to get a mutation you need to find a location with a strong radiation. There are a only a few such locations in Appalachia, and if you want to know how to get there, then follow our guide below.

Emmett Mountain Disposal Site

In the Savage Divide region of Appalachia you will find a nuclear waste storage facility — Emmett Mountain Disposal Site. Inside the building you will find thousands of barrels of nuclear waste that spew rads with such intensity that you will be able to get any mutation you will ever need.

Here’s what you need to do in order to farm mutations in this spot:

  1. Remove any gear or perk cards that prevent you from getting rads.
  2. Get closer to the storage with barrels and wait as you get irradiated.
  3. This will reduce your HP at the same time, so leave as soon as you’re left with just enough to survive.
  4. If you didn’t manage to get any mutation the first time, you can use the decontamination chamber, which can be found in the same building, to remove any rads on your character.
  5. Then return to the barrels and repeat the process until you get a mutation.

In case you want to get more than one mutation, you will need to leave the game and reconnect, as the game will not allow you to get mutations twice during the same gaming session. But as soon as you reconnect, you can repeat the process and get as many mutations as you want.

Old Mold Quarry

The second method is a bit harder and more time consuming than the first one, but it is another good alternative to farm mutations in Fallout 76.

Go to the Old Mod Quarry location in the Cranberry Bog region. A bit to the south of the location, you will find an abandoned bunker at Drop Site C-2. This bunker is filled with nuclear waste, which will give you enough rads to get a mutation quickly.

Unfortunately, you will not find a decontamination chamber here, so there is a big chance of you just dying, which you will have to do anyway, if you don’t get any mutations the first time around.

So before entering the bunker, just remove all the junk you’re carrying and be ready to die. Then, simply respawn and try again until you get a mutation. Rinse and repeat!

You can definitely stack up several mutations using these two simple methods, and for other Fallout 76 guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below:

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