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How to Fix “The Match You Are Trying to Join Is Running an Incompatible Version” in Palworld

The incompatible version error in Palworld is easily fixed.

Pocketpair’s survival and creature collection game will get plenty of updates through its Early Access period. Here, I’ll tell you how to fix the error stating “The match you are trying to join is running an incompatible version” in Palworld.

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Here’s a Solution for the Incompatible Version Error When Connecting to a Server in Palworld

This notification appears when trying to join a public server or a friend, but the solution is simple. You must be on the same Palworld patch as the host. On patch days, this is most often caused by server hosts not closing the game to update it. Close your own client and ensure you’re also on the latest patch if you can’t connect to a server.

The biggest fix for the incompatible version error is for the server or session host to update their version of Palworld. This isn’t the easiest thing to communicate if you’re playing on public servers unless you’re in their Discord or can contact the server host. Until both you and the server host are on the same version of the game, you can’t connect.

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If you’re getting this error connecting to a friend’s multiplayer session, you should both close the game and update. It’s not uncommon for multiple patches to release on days when Palworld gets updates. One is typically the main patch, then Pocketpair might put out some hotfixes. That’s the case with today’s update, and it’s something to keep in mind moving forward if you can’t connect to a server.

That’s it for how to fix the “The match you are trying to join is running an incompatible version” in Palworld. I ran into this after the second patch on the Steam version today, as a friend had only downloaded the initial one. Check out more of our guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to put out fires, how to disable raids, and how to cool down Pal Eggs in the Incubator.

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