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How to Get a Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley 1.6 (& How to Use it)

Refine your fish to make them even more valuable!

Fishing is one of the activities you’ll do the most around Stardew Valley. With update 1.6, it becomes an even more reliable way to earn a profit, thanks to the Fish Smoker. Here’s how to get a Fish Smoker and use it in Stardew Valley.

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How to Make a Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley 1.6

The Fish Smoker is a new crafting station that refines your caught fish and makes them even more valuable. You can get a Fish Smoker right away when starting a game on the Riverlands Farm or create one by unlocking the crafting recipe.

How to Get Fish Smoker Crafting Recipe

Willy's Fish Shop menu with Smoke Fisher crafting recipe circled in yellow
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Willy sells the crafting recipe for the Fish Smoker at his Fish Shop on the beach. It costs 10,000 Gold to purchase, but you’ll easily make that money back by using it to sell fish. His shop is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, except Saturdays.

Once you have purchased the crafting recipe, you can find the Fish Smoker in your crafting menu. You’ll need a few materials saved up to build it.

Crafting menu with recipe for Fish Smoker opened up
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  • Hardwood x10
  • Sea Jelly x1
  • River Jelly x1
  • Cave Jelly x1

Hardwood is collected from large tree stumps and logs with an upgraded axe. However, jellies are a new resource with the update that can be fished with a Bamboo Rod or higher. Alternatively, you can farm all types of jelly at a Fish Pond with Lava Eel, Flounder, and Midnight Carp.

How to Use the Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley

Once you craft a Fish Smoker, place it anywhere on your farm in the Valley. Then you can put it to work smoking your fish.

Meadowlands farm layout with Fish Smoker place down, character holding Bream fish next to it while it is red and processing another fish
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Just like using a furnace, ensure you have coal on you to power up the machine. And, of course, you’ll need fish. Approach the Smoker with the fish and press on it to put the fish inside. The machine will grow red and release smoke as it processes. This will take a few minutes. When it’s done, an image of the smoked fish pops up over the top of it, and you can grab it.

Your fish will now be more valuable. It increases the amount of healing and energy you’ll get from it and the amount of gold you earn from selling it. You’ll want to do this with all your caught fish to really make a profit and have better resources stored in general.

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