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How to Get a Heavy Furnace in Stardew Valley

Process your ore into bars a lot more efficiently with the Heavy Furnace!

I’ve hoped for a way to process more than one metal bar at a time in Stardew Valley for a while. That’s why one of the best gameplay changes includes a larger furnace. Here’s how to get a Heavy Furnace and double your resources.

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Stardew Valley Heavy Furnace Guide – How to Get and Use It

Before, if you wanted to yield more than one ingot at a time, you had to build multiple furnaces. This wasn’t too bad as long as you had the materials to do so, but it definitely required more work. With update 1.6, you can earn the Heavy Furnace to process multiple bars all in one machine. Plus, you have a chance to earn bonus bars as well.

How to Unlock the Heavy Furnace

To start using the Heavy Furnace, you must unlock the crafting recipe to make it. There’s only one way to get the Heavy Furnace right now: to redeem the reward from the Mastery Room.

Mastery Room Location

To get into the Mastery Room, you need to reach the Mastery level, which requires you to max out all your skills to level 10 and become a ‘master of the five ways.’ Then, you can find the secret entrance south of your farm, past Marnie’s Ranch and Leah’s cottage.

Mastery room secret door in cliffside circled in yellow
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The door is within the cliffside, slightly hidden behind some trees. I chopped them down so I can see it more clearly. You can only enter the door if you’ve maxed out all your skills, so work toward those first. A great way to level up quickly is to use the skills books from the Bookseller.

Within the Mastery Room are five different Mastery shrines from which you can redeem rewards. However, to redeem them, you need to earn a Mastery point. This is the new XP bar within your Skills menu, unlocked when reaching max in all skills. When you fill the Mastery XP bar, you will gain a point you can use to redeem rewards. The one you want for the Heavy Furnace is the Mining Mastery to the right side of the room, symbolized as the pickaxe.

Stardew Valley mastery room with mastery reward shrines, pickaxe mining shrine circled on the right side
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If you have a point to use, you can interact with the Mining Mastery shrine and click the Claim button at the bottom of the menu. This will unlock all the rewards shown in the menu, including that Heavy Furnace crafting recipe.

How to Craft the Heavy Furnace

Once you unlock the recipe for the Heavy Furnace, you’ll find it within your Crafting menu right beside the normal furnace. However, to make it, you’ll need a few other items and resources:

Crafting menu with heavy furnace selected beside the regular furnace, required ingredients shown below it
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  • Furnace x2 (Two regular furnaces made with Copper Ore x20 and Stone x25)
  • Iron Bar x3
  • Stone x50

How to Use the Heavy Furnace

With the Heavy Furnace made and placed where you like in your Valley, you can start putting it to good use. Just like an ordinary furnace, you’ll need coal and ore in your inventory to start processing it into bars. These are found in the Mines by breaking deposits.

In Meadowlands farmhouse, player holding copper ore and placing it with cursor over the heavy furnace which is red and processing
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With the ore and coal, select the ore from your inventory and then click on the Heavy Furnace to place it inside. However, the Heavy Furnace requires 25 ore and three coal to start. This may seem like a lot, but it will process them all at the same time, allowing you to leave it running overnight and pick all five bars up simultaneously. Plus, it has a chance to add a bonus bar every time.

The Heavy Furnace is a lot more efficient than the regular furnace, not only because it processes more bars at one time but because you can leave it running and go off and do something else. This was a must get upgrade for me, and you can try it out for yourself once you earn that Mastery point.

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