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How to Get and Use Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded

You can't get Mint Mushroom Meat the way you expect in Enshrouded. Here's where to get it.

The Shroud provides many unique items used for sustenance and crafting. Among those are Mushroom specimens you can harvest, but only certain ones provide you with green meat. Here’s how to get and use Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded.

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How to Obtain Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded

You find Mint Mushroom Meat by chopping down Mushrooms in the Nomad Highlands Shroud. You don’t find any Shroud Liquid in the mushrooms in this green-tinted fog. Instead, everything you chop drops bright green Mint Mushroom Meat.

I personally like farming for it to the east of Pikemead’s Reach, since I have an altar there and can mine Tin Ore in the location. Since you can chop any of the Mushrooms, pick a spot near a fast travel point.

This is the only place to find Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded during this phase of the game’s Early Access period. You may have thought like I did that the walking Mushrooms with green sides provide this resource. But, strangely, they don’t!

Picking up Mint Mushroom Meat.
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What is Mint Mushroom Meat Used for in Enshrouded?

Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded has a variety of uses, ranging from armor to decor. For Mages and Rangers, it’s an important crafting component for many end-game armor sets. It’s used to dye Fabric and as a paint.

  • Magician Hat
  • Magician Chest
  • Magician Gloves
  • Magician Trousers
  • Magician Boots
  • Stone Bed
  • Stone Banquet Table
  • Stone Table
  • Stone Side Table
  • Stone Bedside Table
  • Stone Chair
  • Iron Bench
  • Wolf’s Choir
  • Boar At Home
  • Flower Vase
  • Tower In The Night
  • Scabird On One Leg
  • Flower Snake
  • Temple Landscape
  • Still Life
  • War Banner
  • Carpet
  • Sharpshooter Hood
  • Sharpshooter Vest
  • Sharpshooter Gloves
  • Sharpshooter Trousers
  • Sharpshooter Boots
  • Hunter Hood
  • Hunter Vest
  • Hunter Gloves
  • Hunter Trousers
  • Green Fabric

That’s how to get and use Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded. For other resource locations, how to complete Craftspeople quests, or best builds, check out our guides hub.

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