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How to Get Into the Hospital in #Blud

Having troubles getting into the hospital in #Blud? Here's what to do.

During chapter 6 of #Blud, players are tasked with entering the local hospital and testing blood vials for vampire contamination. This happens after acquiring some glass jars in the first part of the chapter. You’ll then receive the mission to get into the hospital, but the entrance is guarded by an employee. How exactly do you get into the hospital in #Blud?

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#Blud: How to Find Your Way Into the Hospital

When you first got your mission to go to the hospital, you probably tried to enter through the front door. However, the receptionist will stop you no matter what you tell her. Some of the characters populating the parking lot around the hospital tell you about the potholes, and one character even suggests digging down. But where are you supposed to dig?

The solution is deceptively simple. First, go to the back alley behind the hospital, north of the parking lot. You’ll know you found the place when you see the goat you fought a couple of chapters before. You’ll find it talking to an NPC who isn’t much more useful, as he only gives tips related to a side quest. However, you will also find a large tire in this back alley that you can grab.

You might have to break some boxes to get to it, but once you do, you can push that tire out of the way and reveal one of those glowing green hexagons. Although they don’t look like it, you can dig through those symbols in the ground when they’re glowing. This applies to all those symbols, not just this one. Dig through the hexagon, jump into the portal, and, after a small dungeon, you’ll find yourself inside the hospital.

That concludes our guide on how to get inside the hospital in #Blud. For more guides, visit our #Blud content hub.

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