How to Get Milk in Outpath

Milk is an essential crafting material in Outpath. Here's how to get it.

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The first biome in Outpath will introduce you to cows and chickens for farming resources. Harvesting eggs is as straightforward as can be. However, milking a cow isn’t. In fact, you’ll deal damage to them if you interact with them, likely causing you to scratch your head like me. Luckily, we’ve figured it out. Here’s how to get milk in Outpath.

Outpath: How to Get Milk

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Cows spawn in the first Grasslands island and all subsequent biomes in Outpath. They’ll provide you with hide, meat, and milk. You’ll need the stuff for advanced cooking recipes, but figuring out how to collect it is a mystery. While damaging them is good for hides and meat, it’s not so good for what we’re after. Here’s what to do:

  • Complete the first biome Monolith.
    • Unlock Amberpath.
      • x3 Leather.
      • x3 Spark Fly.
      • x150 Wood.
      • x15 Copper Ingot.
  • Craft an Inscription Table.
    • x23 Wood.
    • x2 Brick.
      • Crafted at the Furnace.
      • x1 Coal.
      • x2 Stone. 
      • x2 Sand.
  • Craft a Bottle at the Inscription Table.
    • x1 Glass.
      • Crafted at the Furnace.
      • x1 Coal.
      • x2 Sand.
  • Collect the Bottle in your inventory.
  • Approach a cow.
  • Press E to harvest.
    • x1 Milk per bottle.
    • Infinite milk per cow.

I recommend you only collect milk as needed. Glass bottles are far more useful for potions at Cauldron than they are for containing milk. Additionally — and unfortunately for the cows — their hides are a crucial ingredient for many recipes.

How to Cook Milk in Outpath

To cook milk, you must unlock the Cooking Pot at the Research Table. It costs 12,000 research points, so it’s certainly a sizable investment. Nevertheless, if you’re playing survival mode, you’ll want to invest in it. Here’s how to craft it:

  • x27 Wood.
  • x8 Coal.
  • x4 Brick.

Well, that does it for how to get milk in Outpath. We’ve got more tips and tricks coming your way. For now, check out our article on how to fish and our guide on how to get bees.

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