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How to Get More Zorkins in Outcast: A New Beginning

Not everything is free in Adelpha. You'll need to earn some Zorkins to get the upgrades you want. Here's how!

Before getting inventory upgrades that increase the carry amount of Helidium and other items in Outcast: A New Beginning, you’ll need to earn some money. The planet of Adelpha uses a currency called Zorkins, so here’s how to get more Zorkins in Outcast: A New Beginning!

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The Talan’s main source of currency is Zorkins. Zorkins are specifically for purchasing items from vendors and traders around the various villages. You can see how many Zorkins you have by opening your menu and looking at the top right corner of the screen. A yellow Z icon symbolizes Zorkins.

How to Earn Zorkins Fast in Outcast: A New Beginning

There is only one sure way to earn Zorkins in Adelpha, and that is by selling valuables. Valuables are items around villages and maps, such as little statues or precious rocks, mushrooms, and flowers. They aren’t usable for crafting or consumables, and can only be sold to traders.

Once you have some valuable items, head to the nearest Merchant or Trader in any village. They are marked as bags with a Z icon. Choose the dialogue “Open Shop” and then navigate to the “Sell” tab. You can sell anything in your inventory, but you will want to focus on selling the “Valuable Items.”

I have found most of the valuables items in different buildings and structures in the villages, but they are also scattered around the map as plants and resources. Here are some of the valuables you can find around the map and the amount of Zorkins you can earn for them:

  • Ancient Sai Statuette – 100 Zorkins
  • Blue Helidium Flower – 100 Zorkins
  • Precious Ore – 60 Zorkins
  • Ventilope Statuette – 50 Zorkins
  • Golden Mushroom – 20 Zorkins
  • Talan Statuette – 15 Zorkins

If you’re hoping to get those handy upgrades, keep a look out for any of these valuables while you’re exploring the map and completing quests. The more you can find, the more Zorkins you’ll earn by selling them!

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