How to Get Night Soil in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Night Soil is essential for creating fertilizer and completing tablet targets for Mini Medals. This is how you get Night Soil.

Night Soil is essential for creating fertilizer and completing tablet targets for Mini Medals. This is how you get Night Soil.

Night Soil is an important crafting material in Dragon Quest Builders 2. You’ll need it to create Worm Food and Woody Goody.

As it goes, you’ll need worm food and woody goody to complete two Tablet Targets, growing more meadows and growing more forest. In turn, completing those will award you with two Mini Medals

You’ll also need the ingredient to create fertilizer, which will make your crops grow much faster than normal. However, Night Soil isn’t just lying about. Like with anything in the game, you’ll have to search for it. 

Luckily, we know exactly where to find it. 

Get Night Soil from Corpses

As you travel about the world, you’ll come across corpses — or what are essentially zombies. You first encounter these on Furrowfield at the Ruined Church. Afterward, you’ll find them on almost every island, including your primary island, The Isle of Awakening.

Kill one, and you’ll get 1 Night Soil for your efforts. 

Zombies will sometimes perform a dance, and a purple aura will surround them. Don’t’ attack them when they do this, because they are summoning another corpse. This will give you the chance to double your rewards. 

Get It From Bathrooms/Toilets

Yes, you read that right. You can get Night Soil from toilets.

All you have to do is build one, wait for the villagers to use it, and voila: you’ve got a useful piece of crafting material.

Depending on how long you wait, you’ll get a different amount of Night Soil from rummaging around in a toilet. For example, I pulled more than 40 Night Soil from a toilet in Furrowfield, waited 15 in-game minutes and pulled out another five. 

Your best bet is to build a toilet in each region of The Isle of Awakening, and then on each of the three islands you visit in the game.

On average, you will get more from the toilets on the three islands than from the three regions on The Isle of Awakening. That’s because there are more villagers on those islands. 

Get It From Picking Up Animal Dung

Lastly, you can get Night Soil by picking it up off the ground in the form of animal dung. 

Go to Furrowfield Bog, and then travel to the location shown above. You can fast travel to the Orc’s Tomato Farm, then travel southeast to the cliffs. 

Look on the ground for small brown balls. Note that it’s very difficult to find animal dung. After 60 hours of playing and an additional 30 minutes of specifically searching for animal dung, I finally found some. 

Truth be told, this is the most inefficient way of getting Night Soil. I wouldn’t recommend using this method at all. It’s much, much faster to get the crafting ingredient via the first two methods outlined above. 

How to Make Worm Food

  • x1 Grass Seed
  • x2 Night Soil

How to Make Woody Goody

  • x1 Acorn
  • x1 Grass Seed
  • x2 Night Soil

How to Make Fertilizer

  • x10 Wheat 
  • x2 Night Soil

That’s all you need to know about how to find and get Night Soil in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Be sure to head over to our DQB2 guides hub for more tips and walkthroughs, such as: 

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