Complete Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals Rewards Guide

Mini Medals give you access to cosmetic items, musical scores, and some weapons and armor in Dragon Quest builders 2. Here's how to get them and what you get for turning them in.

There are recipes and items in Dragon Quest Builders 2 that you can only get after turning in a certain number of Mini Medals. Some of these items are simply cosmetic, while others will give you bonuses, like increased defense from craftable armor pieces.

There are two different ways to get these honors. One is by solving the game's puzzles. The other is by completing Tablet Targets. 

You can view our puzzle solutions guide here. You'll naturally complete Tablet Targets during the campaign and in the free-build portion of the game. 

Note that there are different individual Tablet Targets in each area on the Isle of Awakening. Some Targets may require you to complete similar tasks, but they are all separate and give you an individual reward for completion. These range from completing tasks to build up the Isle of Awakening to side quests such as building a restaurant or making a meadow.

Once you get them, you turn these prizes in to the Hairy Hermit on the Isle of Awakening. You can easily fast travel to his mountaintop location, which is in the center of the island.

Mini Medals Rewards List

Here's what you get at each tier. You can go as high as 90 medals

Number Reward
1  Geeky Specs
4 Player lyres; Bustlin' Streets musical score
10 Bow tie
14 Midenhall Garb
18 Musical scores
22 Moustache
26 Dracky Cap
30 Rabbit Ears
34 Traveller's Tunes
38 Cannock Cloaks
42 Bandito Bandana
46 Blusher 
50  Songs of Paradise
54 Witch's Hat 
58  Block Head
62 Red Rose 
65  Liquid Metal Shield Recipe
70  Moonbrooke Frock Recipe
74  Mystery Mask
78  Castle Choruses
82  Liquid Metal Armour Recipe
88  Mystical Melodies
90  Liquid Metal Sword Recipe


Some rewards will show up in your inventory. However, others, such as cosmetics, can be found by using the Dressing Table when altering the appearance of your character. Others will show up as recipes at your workbench, so be sure to check all three places if you can't find what you're looking for after you've unlocked it. 

That's all you need to know about Mini Medals in DQB 2. Be sure to head over to our other guides for Dragon Quest Builders 2, where we have guides for the game's puzzles, flurry feathers, and building a restaurant

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Published Jul. 23rd 2019

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