How to Build a Restaurant in Dragon Quest Builders 2

This guide tells you how to build a restaurant in DQB2 with ease.

There are dozens of special rooms and structures you can build in Dragon Quest Builders 2. One of those is the restaurant, and here we'll be going over how to build a restaurant in DQB2.

While the game tells you how to do many things, how to build a good number of rooms, and how to connect those rooms to make even bigger spaces, it doesn't tell you everything. The restaurant is one of many hidden room recipes, and it is required to complete a Tablet Target. 

Luckily, it's super easy to build. In fact, it's likely you already know how to do it.

The restaurant is a combination of two early-game rooms: the kitchen and the dining room. All you have to do is combine the rooms and voila, you've got a restaurant.

It doesn't matter how big each room is or how fancy they are. All that matters is they are combined into one structure. Note that a door must separate the two

How to Build a Dining Room

Here's the blueprint for a Dining Room: 

  • Dining Table (set) x4
  • Light source (any) x1

How to Build a Kitchen

Here's the blueprint for a kitchen: 

  • Chest (any) x1
  • Bonfire (any) x3

These are the bare basics for building a restaurant in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Of course, you can get fancier by using gold and silver in your materials, by building larger, more ornate rooms, or using the Ambiance chart to spice things up. 

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Published Sep. 24th 2019

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