How to Get Nitrate in Enshrouded

Nitrate is an advanced Alchemy recipe in Enshrouded.

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Nitrate is a late-game crafting item necessary for other advanced crafting items. As such, you won’t find it lying around in the world as a resource. Instead, you need the Alchemist. Here’s how to get and use Nitrate in Enshrouded.

How to Obtain Nitrate in Enshrouded

To obtain Nitrate, you need the final Alchemist workstation: the Laboratory. You must gather a set of Scientific Instruments from a camp of Lorraine Crain, then collect Athanor. Then, you craft Nitrate with x1 Alchemical Base, x5 Salt, x5 Sand, and x1 Wood Acid.

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Where to Find the Scientific Instruments for the Laboratory

The location is on the far eastern edge of the map in the Kindlewastes, and you must be at least Level 20 to survive in this region. I found it easiest to run in, clear the immediate area, grab the Scientific Instruments, and teleport back to base. Obtaining the instruments unlocks all Laboratory recipes, including the Nitrate recipe.

How to Get Athanor

You also need an Athanor to craft Nitrate in Enshrouded. Craft it with x10 Bronze Bars, x10 Glass, and x5 Lump of Clay. Additionally, you need x40 Fired Bricks, x10 Copper Bars, and x3 Glass to build the Laboratory.

Laboratory crafting recipe for Nitrate.
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How to Craft Nitrate

The Nitrate recipe requires x1 Alchemical Base, x5 Salt, x5 Sand, and x1 Wood Acid. You must use a crafter, so keep the items in your backpack to drag them over to the Laboratory inventory. You get 5x Nitrate once it completes, but I like to keep it working to get as much as I can in a time.

How to Use Nitrate

Fertilised Farm Soil crafting recipe.
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While there currently aren’t a large number of uses for Nitrate, there are a few important items that require it: Aloe Seedling, Fertilised Farm Soil, Mortar. This list will expand as new game areas and content are added during Early Access and at full release. So far my most consistent use of Nitrate has been Fertilised Farm Soil.

That’s how to get Nitrate in Enshrouded. For other difficult crafting recipes, such as making Glass, where to find resources, or best builds, glide over to our guide hub.

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