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How to Get and Use Alchemical Base in Enshrouded

Not having Alchemical Base holds you back from creating advanced items in Enshrouded.

Many of the most potent potions and concoctions require an Alchemical Base. However, it’s one of the hardest to craft in the entire game because you need a mix of late-game resources. Here’s how to get and use Alchemical Base in Enshrouded.

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How to Craft Alchemical Base in Enshrouded

To craft an Alchemical Base, you need the Alchemy Station, x1 Shroud Liquid, x1 Mycelium, x1 Water, and x1 Shroud Spores. These must be in your backpack to drag over to the crafter. They can’t be in a magic chest. I put max stacks of everything into the Alchemy Station and do other tasks around base. When done, I go collect whatever Alchemical Base has been made.

Fell Monstrosity loot including the Black Cauldron.
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How to Craft the Alchemy Station and Get the Black Cauldron

You craft Alchemical Base in Enshrouded at the Alchemy Station, which requires x20 Fired Brick, x6 Wood Planks, x10 Nails, x3 Wood Logs, and x5 Copper Bar after getting the Black Cauldron. The Alchemy Station is the third crafting station for the Alchemist. You must get the Black Cauldron from deep in the Nomad Highlands. Unfortunately, this means you need to defeat the Fell Monstrosity.

How to Use Alchemical Base

Alchemy Station crafting recipe for Alchemical Base.
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Alchemical Base is used to make a variety of potions, weapons, and more.

  • Revitalizing Health Potion
  • Great Mana Potion
  • Greater Shroud Survival Flask
  • Large Magic Chest
  • Stun Arrow
  • Spice
  • Nitrate

I use Alchemical Base primarily for Revitalizing Health Potion, Stun Arrows, and Nitrate since I’m a melee build. Having Great Mana Potions as a Mage is crucial to maintaining damage output. In the later stages of the game, I have a high enough Shroud timer that I don’t need to craft Greater Shroud Survival Flask.

That’s how to get Alchemical Base and what it’s used for in Enshrouded. For other crafting recipes, where to farm resources, or how to survive the Shroud, take look at our guides page.

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