It can be hard to find nurnies if you don't know where to look. This Ooblets guide tells you exactly where to go.

How to Get Nurnies in Ooblets

It can be hard to find nurnies if you don't know where to look. This Ooblets guide tells you exactly where to go.
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As with any game in the farming sim genre, Ooblets has a lot of different items you can use to craft or improve things like your house. Nurnies are one of the first items you’ll need to find, and since the tutorial doesn’t tell you much about them, you may be wondering how to get nurnies. 

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When you first visit your dilapidated farmhouse to repair it, Arah will give you 3 nurnies for free (check your mailbox). But you’ll need to find many (many) more nurnies to complete even the first of Tinsle’s Tasks. 

How to Find More Nurnies in Ooblets

Breaking a rock on an Ooblets farm, looking for nurnies.

The easiest way to find nurnies is by breaking rocks on your farm. You can also find them by weeding weeds on your farm, though your chances of getting nurnies by weeding are very slim.

You always get nurnies by breaking rocks. Every time. I’ve received as many as four nurnies and as few as one nurny for breaking rocks. But I always get them. Weeding, on the other hand, is much harder. Of the about two dozen weeds I’ve removed from my farm, I’ve received roughly 3-5 nurnies. Total.

To break rocks or weed, you’ll need to enter farming mode. To do so, press: 

  • “Q” on PC
  • “LT” on Xbox One

Breaking rocks takes 6 energy, while weeding takes 3 energy. So, it’s much more efficient to just break rocks if you’re only after nurnies. Luckily, you also don’t need any special tools to break rocks; you simply break them after several hits. 

When you break a rock, the nurnies inside burst out in an umbrella around you. While the inventory symbol for nurnies is a metal coil, nurnies look like all kinds of junk in the wild, such as the metal coils mentioned above, combs, paper clips, and even small beach balls. Some even look like rolls of toilet paper (because why not?). 

You will automatically collect the nurnies around you, as they often fall closeby. If they fall further away from you, just run up to them, and you’ll collect them. 

It’s also possible to find nurny bundles by exploring and sea dangling. When exploring, look for sparkling areas and interact with them. There’s always something good, and it could be a bundle of nurnies! On the other hand, it’s possible to get nurnies when you sea dangle, though the drop rate is very low. 

The Ooblets Grumboire (inventory book) showing 45 nurnies (metal coils) in an inventory.

It’s good that nurnies are easy to find once you know how because you’ll use them in quite literally everything in Ooblets. From rebuilding your farmhouse to fixing the printypress and repairing the hankerbot, you’ll be searching for them.

Nurnies can also be used in the Reconstitooter to make basic bait to sea dangle. One nurny equals two slurry, and you need 10 slurry to make one basic bait. 

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That’s all you need to know about finding nurnies in Ooblets… at least right now. I’m still early on in the game, so there may be other ways to get nurnies I haven’t yet come across. However, I’ll be sure to update this guide if/when I find them. Be sure to check out our other Ooblets content by clicking the links above!

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