If you want to put the "arr" in party, then you need the Party Boat ship cosmetics set. We will explain how to earn each piece in this guide.

How to Get the Party Boat Ship Cosmetics in Sea of Thieves

If you want to put the "arr" in party, then you need the Party Boat ship cosmetics set. We will explain how to earn each piece in this guide.
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The party boat ship cosmetics set is one reserved for pirates who have perfected the content of Sea of Thieves Season Five and reflects spectacularly on the ship and its crew. If you want to be one of those renowned pirates, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to get what you’re after.

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Individual pieces of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set are awarded for completing Season 5 commendations. Some are quick and simple; others can take more significant time investments. Be ready to sail with purpose and focus on these tasks.

How to Get All Party Boat Ship Cosmetics in Sea of Thieves Season 5

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Hull and Sails – Night-Time Spectacular 

The text for this Sea of Thieves commendation reads, “Set off a display of five or more fireworks at night”. That means there must be five fireworks shining in the night sky at the same time. You can typically find plenty of fireworks in the barrels at outposts or buy them from the Merchant at the docks.

To complete this commendation, wait for nightfall, then fire the fireworks into the sky as quickly as you can. This is easy on larger ships with several hands, but if you are solo on a sloop, be sure to use longer-lasting fireworks, such as signal flares.  

Alternatively, you can launch a galleon by yourself, load all the cannons, and run around lighting fuses. Now you’ve got the first part of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set!

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Capstan – Master Cartographer 

To unlock the Master Cartographer commendation you must, Donate Treasure Stash maps to a Quest Board”. Once again, 25 is the magic number. Your job is to create and post 25 total treasure maps to the Quest Boards at the Outposts and Seaposts.

The amount of treasure you bury is not important; only the number of maps matters for this part of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set. 

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Wheel – Seeker of Pirate Plunder 

The Seeker of Pirate Plunder commendation asks you to, “Uncover valuable treasures buried by other pirate crews.” Specifically, you need to dig up 25 pieces of user buried treasure.

You can grab treasure maps from the quest board, steal bundles from other ships, or just luck your way into finding loot buried by other crews. The how doesn’t matter, as long as you or someone in your crew uncovers 25 total pieces. You’re halfway through with the Party Boat ship cosmetics set.

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Cannons – Small but Mighty 

This time you need to, “Shoot another ship using a Cannon Rowboat.” Rowboats spawn randomly on islands and at forts throughout the sea, so you will need to search until you find one with a cannon. You need 25 hits on an enemy ship, human or skeleton, from the rowboat. 

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Figurehead – Gunpowder, Treason and Plot 

To earn the figurehead for this part of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set, you will need to, “Start a fire on another crew’s ship by setting off a firework.” That’s a simple enough goal, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

This Sea of Thieves Season 5 commendation can be unlocked by setting fire to any enemy ship. That includes skeletons ships as well, so do not feel obligated to start a PVP fight if you don’t want to.

Fireworks aren’t guaranteed to start a fire, so your best bet is to bring extra and unload repeatedly until you see flames.  

Party Boat Ship Cosmetics Flag – Skies of Friendship 

Earning the flag for this part of the Party Boat ship cosmetics set requires that you, “Set off fireworks while in an Alliance.” This one is self-explanatory. Form an alliance with any other human ship, then fire off a firework. Hey, they can’t all be 25-step processes.

Alright, alright, Paaarrrrty Pirates: you’ve mastered Season 5 That’s how to get the Party Boat ship cosmetics set in Sea of Thieves. So, what’s next? You could always go Kraken Hunting or Seek out some mysterious murals. There is always plenty to do, and we’ve got a Sea of Thieves page, frequently updated with all the latest content. Check it out! 

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