How to Get the Secret Endings in Tekken 8

Here's how to get the secret endings in Tekken 8.

Jin and Kazuya final fight in the rain in Tekken 8
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It’s now almost tradition that games have several endings. As players, it encourages us to replay the main story repeatedly. And this year’s Iron Fist Tournament is no different. Here, I’ll tell you how to get the secret ending in Tekken 8, which is well hidden under a whole slew of QTEs.

How to Unlock the Hidden Endings in Tekken 8

It may sound strange, but to get the secret ending in Tekken 8, lose the game during the final battle with Jin’s father in The Dark Awakens mode. However, losing isn’t as easy as you might think. This fight involves lots of QTE (quick time events) that do their best to make Jin win. However, I’ve found and tried a method that unlocked the secret ending for me after several failed attempts.

Jin Kazama Intro Pose while wearing his Hwoarang swapped outfit.
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At the final battle between Jin and Kazuya in The Dark Awakens mode, I performed the following actions to unlock the secret ending.

  1. Keep fighting Kazuya until the QTEs appear on your screen.
  2. Don’t follow these QTE prompts. Deliberately fail them.
  3. Fail as many QTEs as possible. This forces Jin to lose the fight.

When Jin’s life bar completely depletes, a new set of cutscenes appears. This happened whether or not you’ve already beaten Tekken 8 and seen the good ending or other endings. I won’t go into spoilers, but this is an ending I’m glad I didn’t miss out on.

However, there’s another secret ending that’s easy to miss. Fortunately, it’s much easier to get than the one I mentioned above. Watch all of the end credits to unlock the second secret ending, regardless of the outcome of the final battle. This unlocks an additional cutscene with a few more story details for the next chapter of Tekken 9.

That’s everything on how to get the secret ending in Tekken 8. Stay tuned for more T8 tips and tricks articles, including how to access combo challenges and how to best use the Replay System to get better.

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